Financial organizations are rapidly emerging and moving towards an ecosystem-driven, digital operating model that prioritizes clients and data security.

Several factors are leading to this movement. One is improving customer experience to reduce wait times and enhance channels. Another is implementing AI-based intelligent automation to cut costs and optimize resource usage. Adopting cloud communications for remote access and data exchange is also a key. Additionally, building ecosystem relationships helps improve the operational model and transform services.

We address these market challenges with proven solutions, serving 22 top global banks. Our industry-focused BPO, BPaaS and digital services can help you deal with these challenges. Our financial risk management includes a comprehensive portfolio across KYC, AML, third-party risk management and fraud management. We implement innovative intelligent automation and Gen AI solutions. These enhancements improve your customer experience, reduce costs and optimize administration services.

Our Services

NTT DATA’s Digital KYC Nucleus Platform

Our Digital KYC services are a secure, cloud-based suite of KYC offerings. Powered by our Nucleus Intelligent Enterprise Platform, this comprehensive solution helps clients optimize KYC operations, improve customer journeys and accelerate time to revenue.

Our KYC capabilities also include remediation support. We have helped several top global banks identify and resolve various types of remediation efforts. We use proven methodologies, assets, tools and accelerators to lead and support remediation efforts at any phase. This approach helps to meet objectives, avoid fines and mitigate all regulatory and reputational risks.


Service quality scores


Reduction in KYC review costs


KYC transactions


Data reusability

Our key strengths

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    Automation-first approach

    7,000+ bots in production, 380+ bots in banking and finance

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    Global reach

    45,200+ global talent pool of consultants and advisors, 50 global process service centers, 29 languages supported

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    Customer Experience (CX)

    Enhancing CX by leveraging hyper-personalization, integrated customer journey priming omnichannel experience and Gen AI

Feature videos

Streamline AML and KYC with Nucleus

Our Digital KYC Services are backed by expert support and leverage advanced analytics, machine learning and automation in the scalable Nucleus Intelligence Enterprise Platform.

Accelerate time to revenue

The Digital KYC Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) solution is modular, configurable and employs an API-driven architecture that accelerates your time to revenue.

Digital KYC Business Process as a Service

NTT DATA’s end-to-end KYC BPaaS solution facilitates financial institutions' need to react nimbly to regulatory changes and adopt modern technology and data solutions.

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