Come Together to Imagine New Realities

Immerse yourself in creative exploration and discover the possibilities of human-centric innovation in NTT DATA’s Innovation Studios. We’ve created modern, inspirational environments that encourage free thought and tear down the barriers that stifle creative thinking, where we work with you to unravel the complexities of your business challenges, answer unknowns, and form new strategies. Our main studio offers a virtual experience, allowing you the flexibility and freedom to interact remotely from wherever you are. Or, if it’s preferred and feasible, your team can visit us in person at our physical space in our Plano, Texas, location.

During a virtual engagement, clients are exposed to innovative capabilities that relate to their current challenges, led by an Innovation Ambassador who is knowledgeable of your industry. We also conduct virtual workshops and labs that are single- or multi-day engagements during which we work with your team to examine your specific business challenges using design thinking principles. In the physical environment, your teams can move about the modern, modular space and interact with synergetic technologies at their own pace, then gather in a comfortable setting for group workshops and labs.

our Innovation Studios

Let ideas spark answers in our Innovation Studios, a state-of-art environment that sparks curiosity, broadens your views and helps solve business challenges.

Eric Clark Eric Clark Chief Digital Officer,  NTT DATA Services

“Whether clients meet at the virtual studio or the physical space, they can expect a customized, collaborative experience as we partner with them to put creative thinking and people-focused solutions to work for their business success. Our Innovation Ambassadors bring a unique perspective to our clients through their experience working within and across industries, exposure to focused innovation, and understanding of the market in general. I look forward to continued collaboration with our clients as we help them solve their complex business challenges.”

Break Through Your Toughest Challenges

Your Innovation Studio team are dedicated to resolving your business challenges. They understand your questions and concerns and will help you discover the answers. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create pacesetting solutions that put people first.

How Can You Evolve Faster?

Whether you’re just starting out on creating a digital strategy or you need help working out the kinks in your current approach, we meet you right where you are. As your digital transformation partner, we focus on your specific challenges and deliver data-driven insights and solutions that drive the best outcomes for you.

How Can I Learn More?

There’s a wealth of knowledge to gain from learning about the success of other companies. We bring their stories to life and determine the areas that are relevant to you. We also incorporate insight from NTT DATA’s operating companies around the globe to give you a holistic perspective into the best ways to transform your digital strategy.

How Can You Listen Better?

If you’re not paying attention to what people are saying about your brand, you’re missing influential data that will alert you to how to shape your company’s digital strategy. We help you understand what people are saying and provide data-driven insights that will help you better understand and engage more effectively with your customers, employees, and shareholders.

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Where Ideas and Results Meet

Our Innovation Studios are where we share the best of our experience and expertise with our clients.


Elevate your Transformation

Our team of experts listen to your challenges and work with you to create a customized Innovation


From our NTT DATA capability showcase to our single- or multi-day workshops and Focus labs, your Innovation Studio experience is all about you. Our subject matter experts will focus on your specific business challenges and customize your experience to meet you exactly where you are.


We partner with you to implement solutions and validate concepts with prototype designs and advanced research methodologies. We achieve this by applying human-centered design thinking activities, customer journey maps, and friction assessments to discover your specific challenges and areas of opportunity.


Your Innovation Studio experience will resonate far beyond your initial engagement. We are here to serve as your partners for your entire digital transformation, from concept to completion, allowing you to create and modify innovations in advance of deployments to generate the strongest possible return on investment.

Mary Leos headshot Mary Leos Senior Director, CX Innovation and GTM,  NTT DATA Services

“Our virtual and physical engagements are designed so clients can discover possibilities while embracing new ways of solving business problems. Whether you’re exploring our NTT DATA capabilities or engaging in multi-day workshop or Focus Lab, we strive to ignite ideas and transform them into practical people-focused solutions.”

Remove the Obstacles

Exploration is encouraged here!

Join us virtually or in person to get a holistic view of your enterprise through customized engagements with industry experts and account teams.

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