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It’s time for banks to rethink everything. Customer expectations are changing, and digital competitors are outpacing traditional banks with ease. With new customer needs being the most influential factor in bank digitization, customer-centric business models outperform product-driven ones, and customers value experiences over product features. In addition, FinTechs are disrupting traditional banks and eroding revenue while traditional banks are partnering with FinTechs and startups. Leverage our deep industry expertise to provide the insights, solutions, and outcomes you need.

We help you make the transition to Banking 4˟ from Banking 4.0 (the Open X ecosystem), where the exchange and monetization of data create a superior customer experience. This new model helps you customize the customer journey using predictive models and provide hyper-personalized experiences. Banks and financial institutions that successfully address these trends experience significant benefits, including improving customer experience, managing risk, reducing operating costs, and future proofing. We can help ready your organization for the future of banking.

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Know Your Customer Strategies in a Post-2020 World

Since the start of the pandemic, our survey shows that 54% of organizations plan to move to remote working or a hybrid model. A greater employee online presence leads to greater risk to more naïve targets for cybercriminals and online fraudsters. Our comprehensive white paper addresses these new risks and strategies on how to protect against them.


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2020 showed significant cybersecurity changes. View a 60-second highlight of our 9th comprehensive annual Global Threat Intelligence Report.


Our Services

Banking & Financial Services Consulting

Leverage our expertise in cards and payments, wealth management, lending, bank modernization, and mergers & acquisitions, garnered from relevant client experience.

Data Intelligence & Automation

Utilize services that turn data into intelligence using integration, automation, and AI-led technology to deliver genuine business outcomes.

Digital Banking Transformation

Reinvent your organization faster, using our advanced technologies and guidance from knowledgeable industry experts.


Digital Technology Consulting

Build digital innovation, advanced technologies, security advisory, and next-generation enterprise architecture to enable clients, from strategy to execution.

IT & Digital Operations

Follow defined, standardized methodologies to develop and maintain applications for open-source, mainframe, and other platforms.

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Banking Gets Personal

A growing number of customers are willing to share personal data and pay more for hyper-personalized services if it helps them realize their hopes and dreams, according to a new study of nearly 5,000 bank customers and 500 financial institution executives. And although 93% of FIs agree offering personalized services is a growth opportunity, 84% aren’t using AI to deliver. Are you up to the challenge?

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From Risk to Resiliency

As the world dives deeper into the digital era due to unprecedented circumstances, digital fraud is on the rise. Audits, risk mitigation and regulations have a growing sense of urgency. It’s time to move forward with digitizing risk and compliance functions. See how financial services and insurance companies can embrace digital and meet today’s changing expectations.


IDC Ranks Us #6 in FinTech Enterprise 25.

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