Automate Dynamic Solutions for Your Complex Business Challenges

Hyperautomation has advanced from optional to mandatory for organizations seeking to thrive in the modern economy. Leading enterprises are looking beyond automating separate workflows with separate teams and technologies. Real-world business processes require hyperautomation platforms that span multiple intersecting, ever-evolving business processes that can integrate with any technology, vendor, or team. NTT DATA Nucleus Intelligent Enterprise Platform is the answer to our clients’ hyperautomation challenges.

Nucleus is our cloud-based software platform that combines NTT DATA’s intellectual property, third-party tools and open-source solutions. It automates the deployment and consumption of our offerings with a suite of use case-focused applications. These applications address your most demanding requirements—cloud and hybrid infrastructure, workplace, applications, data intelligence and business processes. Nucleus is vendor- and process-agnostic. As requirements inevitably evolve, Nucleus dynamically supports any combination of vendors and processes to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Improve Outcomes With Data-Driven Decisions

Nucleus enables data integration, automation and AI to improve patient experience and care. That’s why the Everest Group named us a Leader in Intelligent Automation in Healthcare in its Solutions PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 report.


Our Services

Nucleus for Applications

Automate software design, development and management by analyzing legacy applications’ architectures and identifying issues and remediations for migration to the cloud.

Nucleus for BPO & BPaaS

Optimize business processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics.

Nucleus for Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure

Manage the design, deployment and operation of enterprises’ public and private clouds.

Nucleus for Data Intelligence & Automation

Automate business processes throughout the enterprise using intelligence derived from deep analysis into enterprise data patterns, changes and trends.

Nucleus for Dynamic Workplace Services

Modernize your digital workplace with human-centric design and automation to elevate the employee experience and productivity.

Nucleus for Healthcare

Drive an integrated digital fabric with analytics, automation and AI across the healthcare ecosystem to accelerate health and wellbeing.

Nucleus for Public Sector

Empower a cloud-first government enterprise with a commercially proven, government-refined automation engine.

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Watch our Nucleus Storefront video to learn the secret to simplified cloud management.

Why Nucleus?

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Break down technology silos to reveal hidden business intelligence

Automatically discover when service desk shift changes spike ticket volumes


Automate business processes to yield better, faster results

Automatically deploy and configure entire cloud application stacks with single click


Anticipate IT performance issues before they impair operations

Automatically identify legacy application code not ready for migration to cloud


Focus time on activities that drive business value

Automatically request and capture signoffs from multiple executive approvers


Provide real-time insight into data and operations

Automatically flag top priority issues amongst flood of service desk tickets

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Remove barriers to adopting new vendors and workflows

Employ new use cases by simply selecting requirements from service catalog

Driving Better Care

“Clients appreciate the value NTT DATA brings in through
Nucleus for Healthcare, which is enabling data integration,
automation, and AI, and is impacting clients across the
areas of experience, access, care, population health and
revenue cycle management.” Read this and more in the
Everest Group PEAK Matrix® for Healthcare Analytics
Service Providers 2022 report.


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