Manage Growth with Industry-Specific Solutions

Energy management is the core of your business and regulatory compliance its governing force. The way we produce, manage, market and consume natural resources is rapidly changing, and IT is expected to respond with agility and efficiency. As regulations tighten and distribution infrastructures age, you face growing pressure to implement renewable energy and modern technology, which can be expensive and complex.

With a full range of IT solutions for oil, gas and utility industries, we can optimize your business processes to resolve evolving operational, commercial and energy management challenges. We’ll show you how to benefit from advanced automation of central business processes, transformative platforms and real-time, integrated supply chains — and how to apply IoT and data analytics at the implementation level, or use the cloud to scale IT. With digital services that enable real-time insights for faster, data-driven decisions, you can focus on gaining a competitive advantage

Our Services

Application Services

Unify your operations from your headquarters to the most remote corners of the globe. From up-to-the-minute information, secure back-end systems and anywhere/anytime access, your industry-specific applications will adapt to changing industry requirements and keep you competitive.


Big Data and Analytics

Reveal actionable insights for the field and for the customer, and see how data and analytics work together to drive higher performance.



Transform operations and IT, and better support the complex landscape of generating, delivering and consuming energy. Reduce capital expenditure, become more agile and improve across the globe collaboration through cloud solutions.


IoT - Internet of Things

Smart technology that connects devices and people to the web is changing the energy industry. Incorporate IoT into day-to-day operations to bring your employees, customers and operations closer together.


Managed Services

Our practical, automated solutions for end users and data centers enhance your IT environment, so you can free up in-house staff to focus on core business and pursue innovation.


Leading analyst firm HfS Research named us a “High Performer” in its 2017 Energy Operations Blueprint, positioning us among the top services providers worldwide.