Driving Automotive Industry Innovation

The automotive industry is evolving at the intersection of connected, autonomous, shared mobility, electrification and other emerging technologies. Those industry drivers, combined with the increasing importance of in-vehicle software to enabling profitability, is creating new automotive ecosystems. The challenge is to forge a path to a new reality that serves the rapidly changing mobility needs and preferences of the individual consumer while also incorporating new automotive digital technologies in a safe, secure, scalable, cost-effective and sustainable way.

With more than 50 years of experience in this industry and a global presence, we are a global top five IT company supporting the automotive industry. We serve the industry with competencies across the entire value chain and automotive-specific solutions including IoT and ACES. Collaborating with us provides you access to our automotive business expertise and full stack-IT end-to-end services including traditional, platform, digital and ACES. Our networking capabilities are a true differentiator with 40% of global internet traffic flowing though NTT.

automated valet parking

Powered by 5G connectivity, NTT DATA has partnered with Valeo and Embotech to develop a solution for automated valet parking.


From factory to dealer to customer, win in the digital automotive world.

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The Journey to Autonomous Driving

Explore the rise of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving technology and how they are influenced by the emotional states of drivers. This paper presents a developing concept of driver sentiment monitoring analysis for specific driving events, helping bridge driver trust in and comfort with active safety features of autonomous vehicles.



NTT DATA Acquires Vectorform

We're expanding our global digital engineering and design capabilities and helping to accelerate our clients’ current and future digital transformation programs by strengthening our digital application development and modernization capabilities.

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NTT DATA Acquires Chainalytics

We're strengthening our supply chain consulting and analytics capabilities and expanding our digital and consulting business to deliver actionable insights and measurable outcomes to some of today’s largest and most complex supply chains.

AI-Accelerated Research Report

DENSO and NTT DATA Innovate in Mobility

DENSO and NTT DATA worked together to create opportunities for better mobility experiences and services via a joint verification test and analysis of participants' driving status and behavior in order to recommended stores they might be interested in.


Our Services

5G and Private 5G

Gain integrated, on-site solutions for campuses and plant environments such as material movement by automated guided vehicles leveraging P5G/5G.

Accelerating Digital Operations

Integrate flexibility and agility into operations digitally to mitigate the impact of disruptions and achieve cost efficiencies while improving productivity.

Automotive IoT and ACES Solutions

Take advantage of solutions from automated vehicle parking for OEM assembly plants to the integration of in-vehicle, cloud-based infotainment systems.

Digital Customer Excellence

Drive sustainable revenue growth through improved customer loyalty, more efficient customer acquisition and an increased share of customer wallet.

Smart Cities

Connect experiences for drivers, OEMs and cities leveraging technologies we designed in cooperation with major cities and OEMs.

Vehicle Platform Digital Transformation

Leverage a framework that addresses in-vehicle, connectivity, off-vehicle backend, data insights and the supporting industry processes, tools, and standards.

Vehicle Security Operations Center Services

Enhance security with specialized operations centers including intrusion/anomaly detection databases and algorithms to protect both vehicles and OEM backend infrastructure.

Cyber Protection for Connected Cars

Protecting connected cars against cyberattacks is vital. The Vehicle Security Operations Center (V-SOC) from NTT DATA makes it possible. See why V-SOC from NTT DATA matters.

a man and lady in manufacturing plant with tablet

Empowering the Auto Industry

As a leading SAP systems integrator, we help automotive manufacturers and suppliers justify, plan and execute the transformation to S/4HANA. We have over 40 years of experience in the automotive industry, we help you harness the power of S/4HANA and smart operations.