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Your customers’ behavior is changing, and changing fast. For you, attracting and retaining guests depends on competing in a digital world.

Airline Industry

With digital and IT solutions, you can increase revenue, optimize capacity and transform the customer experience.

Hotel Industry
Use technology solutions to move beyond price point and become part of a personalized, integrated travel experience.
Rental Car Industry
Adapt to pressure to change your business model and let technology help you meet customer expectations.

Adopt the digital solutions that foster loyalty

The travel and hospitality industry is experiencing an unprecedented, irreversible shift. Today’s business and casual travelers are more tech-savvy than ever. They expect access to wireless, high-speed internet on all devices, anywhere, throughout their visit. They want personalized booking and guest experiences. And they are gravitating to organizations that are disrupting the industry through unconventional business models. You need a secure, intuitive digital experience, but you must be mindful to customers who still want a human interaction. NTT DATA helps you take new approaches, rethinking your business model and keep your customers coming back time and again.

Keep your brand fresh and relevant to write the next chapter of your digital story