While technology and research are at the core of innovation, we believe that true application of innovative ideas can only happen in the presence of an ecosystem that values collaboration. At NTT DATA our clients are at the center of teamwork between startups, academic professionals, innovation labs and our employees—all in the pursuit of transformative business outcomes.

For over 20 years, we have invested billions of dollars a year in R&D to globally push the boundaries of new technological possibilities. Groundbreaking innovations allow us to help our clients succeed beyond just business by enriching everyday life and driving a sustainable society. Learn how we can help you meet your business and technology goals.

Innovation ecosystem

You can expand your innovation ecosystem and keep up with the pace of change. Here’s how.


Our Innovation Ecosystem

We push the boundaries for technology and business while keeping our clients at the center of our ecosystem


Strategic partnerships with world-class universities and their R&D labs cultivate comprehensive innovation programs and educational engagements


Our modern studio encourages collaboration and free thought while tearing down barriers that limit creative solutions to create customized innovation


Our collaboration with NTTVC, an independent, agile venture capital firm with access to NTT’s impressive network, has founded, advised and scaled over a hundred start-ups


NTT Research’s mission conducting research and advancing the technologies that become second nature to us all and promote positive change for humankind


Our internal programs and activities cultivate an innovative mindset and develop the technical capabilities of our employees

NTT DATA invests $3.6B in R&D to bring digital to life for our clients leveraging intelligent automation, customer experience, data & intelligence, IT optimization, cybersecurity and IoT.

Our Go-To Innovation Techniques

Explore Gartner’s Innovation Case Study to learn about NTT DATA’s innovation approaches, including managing customer needs, developing talent and fostering a culture for innovation.


Success Stories

Companies that let inventive thinking push the boundaries will transform the way they do business. We love being part of that journey.

NTT DATA Innovation Studio

Let ideas spark answers in our Innovation Studios, a state-of-art environment that sparks curiosity, broadens your views and helps solve business challenges.

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IT Contract Assignments

Explore exciting project-based opportunities for current clients in the U.S. and Canada.