Edmund Tribue

With remote work and new ways of working, new regulatory systems, and the demand for an integrated view of operational risks – institutions are more vulnerable to insider and external threats than ever before.

Edmund Tribue
Vice President, Leader of Risk & Compliance Practice, NTT DATA

"We help our clients feel confident that they can protect their assets based on proactive risk controls, especially in the unpredictable environments we face today."

Edmund Tribue, VP of Risk Compliance & Consulting, NTT DATA

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Strengthen Security Programs With a Human-Centric Focus

As information security threats evolve, human actions and behaviors will remain the most significant risk to organizations. With the right assessment and tools, we can help you establish the right risk culture for your organization — a critical step in acknowledging, addressing and closing the human risk gap.

The New Era of Risk and Compliance

Risk and compliance teams know it’s imperative to build proactive business and technology processes and platforms capable of detecting threats and mitigating risk before it's too late.

In our latest eBook, experts forecast the top trends to help you invest in the right technologies, appropriately train and mandate teams and respond faster — to even the most significant challenges.

What you’ll get:
  • A review of the current risk and compliance landscape
  • The top 5 risk and compliance trends to watch
  • How organizations are addressing these risk challenges

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