Connecting Communities, Facilitating the Journey

In our increasingly mobile society, a one-size-fits -all approach to transportation no longer meets customer expectations. Today’s technology savvy traveler demands a more personal approach. We deliver transport solutions throughout the world with a team of data and systems integration experts who tackle complex issues while deftly managing services contracts. We focus on developing the best solution for each transportation challenge, which is why we remain technology agnostic and capitalize upon our worldwide technology partnerships to create world-class platforms that expand and adapt as required.

Envisioning passenger journeys from start to end is key to understanding how transportation integrates into our lives. We pair data analysis with innovative technologies to deliver real-world, advanced solutions to plan, design, build, operate, and maintain transportation systems. From token or phone tap payment solutions and passenger travel forecasting, through back-end processing to supporting large state transportation departments and smart operation planning—we are on board for the journey, driving change and connecting communities.

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Adapt and Respond to Customer Behaviors

We deliver next-generation transport solutions by applying our expertise in system integration and human-centered design fueled by a solid open architecture approach for maximum flexibility.

Our Services

Accelerate Smart

Gain reliable insights and make data-driven decisions to better shape the demand and behavior of customers.


Data Analytics & AI

Normalize data from different endpoints and improve system performance through greater control and visibility.


Fare Collection & Revenue Management

Manage customer transactions through a single account to facilitate better customer experiences.


Hybrid Infrastructure

Transform your IT environment into a flexible modern infrastructure to support growth and innovation.


Journey Management

Accelerate actions that support personalized human-centered travel activities and information.

Traffic Management

Gain invaluable insights and make data-driven decisions to improve traffic flow, road operations and response time.

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"Mobile myki is an innovation that will make traveling on public transport in Victoria easier for thousands of passengers every day.”

Jereon Weimar CEO,  Public Transport Victoria