Empowering operation: intelligent automation and edge computing for business growth

Harness the power of intelligent automation and real-time decision-making. From seamless IoT integration to robust private 5G network infrastructure, our full-stack edge computing services and solutions provide optimized data processing, low latency and OT security to achieve greater operational efficiency and business growth.

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Real-time processing and automation

Edge as a Service makes real-time automation and processing a reality by combining private 5G, IoT devices, and applications with edge computing in IT and OT environments. When people and devices make connections closer to where they’re needed, progress happens faster. It’s perfect for government agencies supporting public safety, health systems improving patient care, manufacturers developing products and energy providers making connections in remote locations. Edge as a Service can deliver what you need, when and where you need it.

Private 5G

We provide Private 5G managed services including network design, equipment, implementation, and network management. Purpose-built for your unique needs, the network is secure-by-design, enterprise-class and in your control. You’ll experience new levels of high-speed operational performance thanks to reliable network availability. We’ve even been recognized by IDC for our end-to-end solution.

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IoT for Edge as a Service

Discover our full-stack, fit-for-purpose solution for the digital edge, including devices and sensors for a range of connectivity options and network management services, including LoRaWAN. You’ll digitize the physical environment to automate data collection, streamlining its conversion into insights and actions.

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Edge Compute

As the number of connected devices continues to grow, there’s an increasing need for real-time analysis and data processing at the edge. Actionable intelligence drives processing efficiency, and our full stack of Managed Edge Compute Services enable collaboration between people and devices to accelerate your performance.

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    Unlock use cases

    Identify the most relevant initiatives for growth and unlock use cases to meet your KPIs, improve operational performance and speed up decision-making. Building from a single use case, we’ll scale solutions across the entire organization, at the speed of your business.

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    Digitize and modernize capabilities

    Ensure you have the right solutions and expertise in place to support your transformation and growth. Right-sized deployments enable faster organization-wide change, even in the most complex environments. And our CIO-friendly pricing model for managed services reduces investment risk.

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    Real-time insights for resilience

    With increased observability at a global scale, you gain greater insight into and control of your enterprise edge-to-cloud solutions. This enables you to better mitigate risk and become more resilient.

  • Speed to market

    Greater efficiency, faster ROI

    Having the insight you need for real-time decision-making means greater operational speed and efficiency, faster time to market and shorter time to ROI.

Enabling LyondellBasell’s transformation for Industry 4.0

We partnered with LyondellBasell to help design, architect and integrate a private 5G network within their plant network. The new network will unlock use cases including:

  • Improved employee productivity through reliable communications
  • Reduced costs for emergency comms through push-to-talk applications
  • Enhanced workplace safety and improved ESG initiatives
  • Increased operational excellence through better data visibility, control and security

“Deploying private 5G networks across our manufacturing sites provides critical connectivity that enables our digital solutions, resulting in increased operating efficiency and enhanced safety measures. Working with NTT DATA to install secure and reliable connectivity will underpin our Value Enhancement Program and empower our global teams with better working environments.”

- Kathy VanLandingham, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, LyondellBasell 

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With a true as-a-service model, we can accelerate transformation and deliver more cohesive operational efficiencies with complete control. We’re different because:

We deliver under a single framework: We align our solution with the way your organization operates, offering customized cost management, responsiveness and true flexibility. Our clients benefit from having a single point of contact for support. And our packaged, full-stack offering is completely unified: we manage the entire technology stack through a close, collaborative partnership, which enables us to modernize operations quickly and without disruption.

Our specialized local relationships are supported by unmatched global delivery capabilities: We bring the strength of a global presence with precise local delivery capabilities. Our experienced and dedicated on-the-ground experts can operate as part of local teams and support new projects with innovative technologies.

Our collaborative model and partnerships allow us to scale for global enterprises: We have an unmatched depth and breadth of edge expertise and understand major global enterprise requirements, so we can support complex workload management. And we bring enhanced capabilities through our unique relationships with private 5G and edge compute partners.

We’re an award-winning partner with world-class network and data center capabilities: To deliver the best possible technology across applications, cloud, data centers, networking, and security, we provide uniquely powerful, award-winning and globally recognized Tier 1 network capabilities for extreme low latency and seamless integration with our partners.

Shaping the future of urban living in Las Vegas

We worked with the City of Las Vegas to enable data-driven planning decisions, augment employee capabilities and create even safer spaces for residents and visitors. NTT DATA Smart Solutions help the city understand the colossal amount of data being generated by multiple systems across the city’s footprint. We’re helping to gather and process predictive and real-time data, leveraging 5G to expand network coverage.

Our solution provides real-time visibility of potential incidents to accelerate response times of first responders and public safety officials, while integrating other edge systems (such as those monitoring air quality) and public data (like weather information) to enable smarter decision making.

Overall, our solution has resulted in:

  • Annual cost savings of more than $1M per year
  • Reduction in wrong-way driving incidents by more than 90%
  • Over 14,000 predictions per week from extensive AI and ML models
  • Improved park safety for residents and visitors

“Working with NTT DATA on our innovation journey highlights the value of partners in delivering solutions that that bring our community together and create the Las Vegas of the future.”

- Michael Lee Sherwood, Chief Innovation and Technology Officer, City of Las Vegas


Harness Edge as a Service

Speak to one of our experts and find out how our Edge as a Service models can accelerate your digital transformation efforts, bringing your people and devices closer to where they’re needed.