Unlock the future of your business with UniKix mainframe modernization solutions and save up to 70% in operating costs.

Experience unparalleled flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency while preserving your existing business logic and user interface.

With over 30 years of continuous innovation, UniKix is your go-to software suite that offers a seamless, low-risk path to migrate your business-critical applications to highly virtualized and modern cloud-based platforms.

Big business impacts


savings in operating costs


reduction in operational support costs


reduction in manual deployment activity

The UniKix advantage

Unlock cost savings and greater capacity by seamlessly re-hosting mainframes to industry-standard systems.

Why choose UniKix for your mainframe modernization?

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    Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

    Achieve up to 70% reduction in operating costs

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    Simplified and cloud-ready

    Accommodate growing workloads and new demands effortlessly while seamlessly migrating to a public cloud of your choice (AWS, Azure or Google Cloud)

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    Minimal risks

    Maintain your current interfaces and avoid retraining end users

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    Enhanced security

    Robust administration and security protocols

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    Future-ready support for distributed COBOL platforms

    Your legacy COBOL applications are fully supported

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    Mainframe-compatible processing

    Experience a native, mainframe-compatible environment on open systems

Key recognitions

NTT DATA is one of only a handful of companies to have achieved both ISV and consulting competencies for mainframe modernization. AWS has recognized this competency, making us as a trusted partner for migration.

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    AWS ISV Competency for Mainframe Modernization Services

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    AWS ISV Competency for Mainframe Modernization Software


Mainframe Modernization insights

Revamp mainframe workloads

Vinny Choinski, Sr. Analyst, ESG discusses UniKix’s capabilities.

Transform mainframe workloads

Fast-track your digital transformation initiatives with UniKix.

Our experts

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