Why Financial Operations Is Integral to CloudOps

The cloud puts infrastructure and application provisioning just a click away, but this ease has its pros and cons. Our webinar explores why it’s essential for organizations to continuously monitor spending to avoid overprovisioning and overspending. You’ll learn how FinOps delivers sustainable solutions in this insightful, on-demand event.

You’ll learn:

  • How FinOps is integral to a CloudOps model along with inventory, provisioning, operations and security
  • How FinOps aims to get best value
  • Which specialized platforms make FinOps effective

Our Speakers

Deepak Satya
Deepak SatyaSenior Vice President, Managed Infrastructure and Workplace Services, Enterprise Compute and Technical Architecture, NTT DATA Services

Deepak’s distinguished career spans 23 years of building, enhancing and managing the best-in-class digital infrastructure and cloud solutions. He established and managed high-performance global teams chartered with solution development, new service development and launches. With his expertise in creating enterprise technology strategy, architecture, methodologies, standards and governance, he has also nurtured and managed highly effective partnerships with HyperScalars, OEMs, service providers and academia for joint services and industry-first solutions.