Accelerating Value Creation in BFSI: Configuration of People & Technology

Nowhere is the acceleration of transformation more profound than the financial services sector. Customers’ expectations have changed, and they have options. Regulators are encouraging competition and collaboration. Banks are optimizing transaction costs. While technology is enabling all of this, banks must fundamentally change their business models to full digitization. In fact, financial institutions of the future are best described as tech companies with a banking license.

Our on-demand webinar explores the pioneering trends, radical transformation and the future of banking, financial services and insurance. Make plans now to attend.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What are the top three changes expected in the BFSI industry?
  • What new disruptors are changing the world and impacting people?
  • What opportunities exist for technology executives and how do they create value?
  • How do connecting technologies empower ecosystems to evolve with alliances?
  • What innovations of the future allow leaders to have greater impact on the world?

Our Speakers

Niraj Singhal
Niraj SinghalSenior Vice President & Head of International Consulting, NTT DATA Services

Niraj currently manages a team of business consultants with specialized expertise to help banks, insurers, healthcare and manufacturing institutions around the world.

In a career spanning over two decades, Niraj has advised institutions on digital strategy in areas that include artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain and more. He is a regular speaker at international industry events, and he’s authored papers in reputed national and international journals. Niraj’s strong focus on creativity and innovation helped him win the “Innovation of the Year Award” by DELL India in 2014.