Well Architected Reviews for Public Cloud Deployments

Our Well Architected Reviews can save up to 50% of your monthly hyperscaler cloud bill.

Our cloud consultants will schedule a eight-hour working session with your team. During this working session, we’ll gather all the necessary information by walking you through a series of questions about your selected public cloud workloads. We’ll cover all five pillars of the Well Architected Framework from your hyperscaler: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization.

Near the end of the session, we’ll spend plenty of time reviewing the findings of a report, which will include a list of prioritized issues that your hyperscaler wants addressed. Many of these issues are very easily remediated, and some organizations experience up to 50% savings within just a few months by completing all recommended actions.

Fill out the form to let us know if you're interested. One of our representatives will respond within 2 to 3 business days to schedule your session.

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