BPO for Healthcare Providers

Improving cash flow, regulatory compliance and patient management

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Manage Your Revenue Cycle More Effectively

Continuously rising administrative expenses and several regulatory changes are putting significant pressure on revenue margins of healthcare providers, making it necessary to optimize your non-core spend.


Improve Cash Flow, Patient Satisfaction and Your Bottom Line

We understand that a consistent revenue stream is the lifeblood of your success. An aggressive, well-performing accounts receivable process helps physicians arm themselves with the resources needed to care for patients and save lives. Our integrated methodologies and over 4,500 specialists help you enhance patient care.

You will also increase business efficiency and improve the financial performance of your practice. From front-end process improvements to claims submission and management, we can provide the expertise you need to make your revenue cycle processes run more smoothly and more efficiently.


Create seamless collaboration between patients and their care teams.


Our Services

Billing Management

Streamline workflow, improve coding efficiencies and unlock the potential in your revenue cycle and drive cash flow.

Patient Access

Manage patient touch points and enhance their overall experience with your organization.

Receivables Management

Automate claims follow up, reduce the cycle time of denied claims and accelerate cash flow.

Everest Group named us a Major Contender in Revenue Cycle Management Operations in its PEAK Matrix™ Assessment 2022

BPO for Healthcare Providers