ServiceNow and NTT Deliver the Benefits of Private 5G with AI-Powered, End-to-End Workflow Management and Service Automation

Before we jump straight into the news that ServiceNow and NTT Ltd. have teamed up to deliver enhanced Private 5G value, it might be worth taking a moment to discuss what Private 5G actually is.

Private 5G refers to a mobile network that is technically the same as a public 5G network but actually allows for the owner(s) to provide priority access or licensing for its wireless spectrum.

The main benefit of this? It means that owners of Private 5G networks can deploy private wireless networks at facilities where coverage, speed, and security capabilities are needed beyond those offered by wifi and other network-enhancing technology.

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NTT’s Approach to Private 5G: Accelerating Digital Transformation through Seamless Connectivity

Delivering optimal customer and employee experience requires organizations to meet a series of connectivity, operational, and productivity expectations. The need for digital transformation across multiple industries has driven demand for private 5G network implementation, while also ensuring corporate control of the network and its data.

Private 5G takes connectivity beyond what’s possible with current wireless connectivity to provide predictable performance when it counts. High-speed, low-latency connections enable stability for mission-critical applications and can increase the effectiveness of manufacturing processes and improve productivity.

NTT’s Private 5G platform has been designed to supply reliable, high-bandwidth, and low-latency connections on your critical infrastructure. With the ability to support multiple enterprise use cases on a single network, Private 5G enables an application- and device-aware networking solution that hasn’t been possible previously with cellular wireless connectivity. In fact, NTT’s solution is the first of its kind to offer a full stack of network, device, and service options to meet the challenge of scaling private 5G installations within your organization.

Private 5G combines several platform and partner components into a single integrated solution with a global SIM that delivers a vast array of applications. This helps your frontline workers achieve unprecedented productivity and enables informed decision-making on your latest digital business initiatives.

Private 5G business outcomes include;

  • Experience seamless connectivity: Gain the best connectivity experience for critical infrastructure with guaranteed service levels on bandwidth, latency, and packet error rate.
  • Accelerate digital transformation: Reduce costs using networking delivered as a service.
  • Improve employee experience and enhance productivity: Provide service professionals with remote support, training, and task management through augmented reality to reduce training times and error rates.
  • Maintain control of your network and data: With the ability to be deployed entirely on-premises, all traffic remains under the control of the enterprise.

Together, NTT and ServiceNow Enable an End-to-End Workflow Management to Help Customers Realize the Benefits of Private 5G

To extract value from private 5G, customers need to digitize new and existing business processes to bridge the gap between their workflows and Private 5G network. Building upon NTT’s existing Private 5G Platform and end-to-end stack of services, NTT and ServiceNow are partnering to simplify the digitization process. As a result, clients can shorten their time to market with cloud-based economics and an enhanced service management experience.

Interested in learning more about NTT and ServiceNow’s Private 5G capabilities? Visit here.

Matt Buchner

Matt Buchner is the Lead Solution Architect at NTT DATA. He brings 14 years of international experience delivering technology solutions to solve complex business challenges in a rapidly evolving business and technology landscape.

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