Achieving Platform Success Amid New Digital Transformation Forecasts

Corporate technology leaders are accelerating spending on IT as they look ahead to the rest of the year. Based on its analysis of technology supplier sales trends, a new forecast from research firm Gartner predicts that global tech spending will hit $4.2 trillion by the end of 2021, an annual increase of almost 9%. Between heightened technology spending, an increasingly competitive labor market, and global business challenges, it’s no surprise that technology’s role in organizational success has grown paramount.

Technology platforms have become the backbone of modern enterprises, solving business challenges both big and small by eliminating service problems, automating manual or tedious functions, and collecting data so that organizational leaders can make more informed decisions. So why then do so few firms fully achieve their expected results or rather, fail completely? Limited strategic vision can cause major struggles for organizations, especially those which have made significant investments in a new software platform. In many cases, after a fruitless period of trial and error, firms without a proper advisor will opt to replace the platform or purchase extra modules, incurring additional expenses only to yield the same disappointing results. This can become a vicious cycle where firms continue investing money without addressing the root cause of the issue, making it nearly impossible to achieve their desired outcomes, let alone realize the full potential of their new platform(s).

To better understand this paradigm, we’re diving into the most common client questions surrounding digital transformation and platform success:

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  • Why do some platform implementations fail?
  • How can you spot roadblocks before they completely derail your project?
  • What are the components of a successful platform?
  • How do you enact true, sustainable success?

In the first section of this eBook, we start by nailing down a clear definition for platform success. Next, we dive into identifying popular challenges and how to prepare for them, before ending with detailed descriptions of the 4 pillars of platform success. Ready to get started? Download the book here, or by clicking the image below.


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Matt Buchner

Matt Buchner is the Lead Solution Architect at NTT DATA. He brings 14 years of international experience delivering technology solutions to solve complex business challenges in a rapidly evolving business and technology landscape.

Empower Teams

As we move into 2022 and beyond, security leaders must empower their teams to have the flexibility and awareness to tackle challenges in this rapidly changing environment. CISOs can never take their eye off the technologies that dominate our field, but it’s just as essential to continue to nurture the people and processes to get the most out of those new technologies.

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