Acorio Releases Third Annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Executive Summary Report

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I am so excited to announce that our ServiceNow Insight and Vision Report is back and bigger than ever! This 25-page Executive Summary shares the big picture look at Digital Transformation in modern organizations, how global challenges have dictated technology strategy when it comes to both employees and customers, and how ServiceNow is being utilized throughout the Enterprise (including challenges, results, and roadmap insights).

This release marks the third annual ServiceNow Insight and Vision Survey and Report, and the only full-scale analysis with original data and insights on the Global ServiceNow ecosystem. Some of you may remember our inaugural survey back in 2018, which we launched after realizing the gap in existing technology and platform insights. That year we had over 300 participants and each year since our survey has grown right alongside the platform and the ecosystem – this year we had nearly 500 responses and write-in comments.

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We know that ServiceNow’s role in empowering today’s transformation is growing – and are so thrilled to share new first-person data to help address the questions around the future of technology strategy.” – Ellen Daley, SVP, Acorio

2021 Insight and Vision Executive Summary Highlights

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Digital transformation grew 20 percent year-over-year, becoming the top business initiative over Service Management. While many organizations were evolving towards transformation, the past 14 months have put the need for business digitization to a different level of strategic conversations – and one that, uniquely, cuts across all industries and company sizes as all have been impacted in a variety of ways by the Global health crisis and ensuing response.

Where before COVID-19 many enterprises were using digital to incrementally improve parts of their businesses, we now see these same traditional enterprises were forced to rethink their technology into a more widespread strategy and execution in order to serve the new needs of their operations, employees, and customers.

  • 60 percent of organizations have been working on their digital transformation initiatives for over a year but only 14 percent are “almost complete” with their transformation.
  • 26 percent of organizations have started implementing AI and machine learning since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amidst this growth, ServiceNow has now successfully positioned itself as a necessary tool for the world’s leading companies.

This year’s survey results also reveal major platform growth amongst ServiceNow clients with 86% of companies using ServiceNow reporting implementations of two or more ServiceNow products, 63% companies reporting implementations three or more ServiceNow products, and 41% companies reporting implementations of four or more ServiceNow product in 2021. These numbers have jumped significantly from the numbers reported in Acorio’s 2019 report, 54%, 27%, and 12% respectively.


Matt Buchner

Matt Buchner is the Lead Solution Architect at NTT DATA. He brings 14 years of international experience delivering technology solutions to solve complex business challenges in a rapidly evolving business and technology landscape.

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