Answering all of your ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery FAQs

By now, we all know that the ServiceNow product suite is huge. Not just big, but huge. The platform has solutions that spans your entire enterprise, often with industry-specific capabilities.  

Because of that we know it can be hard to stay on top of everything the company has to offer, especially if that piece of the platform doesn’t apply specifically to you and your job role. So, every now and then, we like to cover a platform capability that might seem niche to some, but is equally important as the rest of the platform. All these pieces work together to ensure that your data stays secure and your customers and employees are having top-notch experiences.

Today the not-so-niche product we’re covering is Legal Service Delivery. Let’s jump right in… 

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First, what are the reasons someone might consider Legal Service Delivery as an important business need? 

Legal Operations teams tasked with streamlining the delivery of legal services recognize that ad-hoc, unstructured interactions between employees and the legal department are slowing things down. Instead of an organized process, teams are dealing with email, phone calls and spreadsheets to do their job. Instead of employees being able to self-serve and find answers to basic questions, legal teams are forced to spend time responding to basic requests that ultimately reduce their time spent on more complex matters. Businesses however are moving faster than ever before – whether due to their digital transformation evolution or in response to macro-economic trends and crises. They want to shorten sales cycles, bring new products to market faster, hire talent faster, create new channels and partnerships, and much more – all of which requires legal service. Legal operations is feeling that pressure to deliver services faster and reduce risk while not being seen as a bottleneck to the business. 

Achieving legal velocity starts by providing an omni-channel self-service experience for employees to get answers for simple questions, while guiding them to practice area intake forms that require legal expertise. Back-end complexity is replaced with Now Platform digital workflows that ensure proper routing and prioritization to the legal practice experts, further increasing team efficiency and speed, while most importantly reducing legal risk. ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery replaces the manual email and spreadsheet processes of yesterday, with a high-velocity digital experience. And because other departments such as IT, Workplace Services, Finance and HR are also powering their work on the Now Platform, legal can easily collaborate with them for those matters requiring their attention. Legal operations leaders also benefit from transparency and insights into the service demands and trends, allowing them to tailor and improve their legal transformation journey. 

Can you summarize what the key benefits or takeaways would be from Legal Service Delivery? 

  • Gain the full value of the ServiceNow platform with a fully integrated Legal Service Delivery Solution 
  • Track all legal requests with self-service experiences 
  • Increase practitioner productivity from a single legal counsel center 
  • Easily configure matter templates to match your most common legal procedures and policies 
  • Automate responses for common legal requests with virtual agents 
  • Gain insight into ongoing demand and trends with real-time reporting 
  • Deliver faster time to value with Industry best practice workflows

What components make up the ServiceNow Legal Service Delivery product suite? 

Use Legal Service Delivery to provide a set of applications that deliver digital experiences for legal operations to improve service velocity and reduce risk. The following is an overview of what’s included in the suite… 

  • Legal Request: Remove manual email processes with an engaging self-service portal 
  • Legal Counsel Center: Automatically categorize and assign legal requests for rapid team response 

Leverage Legal Matter templates to accurately track, prioritize and fulfill ongoing legal affairs.

  • Legal Matter Management: Escalate and track ongoing legal matters without spreadsheets 
  • Legal Practice Apps: Deliver faster time to value with Industry best practice workflows 
  • Virtual Agent: Automate responses for common legal requests with virtual agents 
  • Now Mobile: Legal self-service with a click or a swipe 
  • Legal Reporting Dashboards: Anticipate legal service demand and drive continual improvement 
Matt Buchner

Matt Buchner is the Lead Solution Architect at NTT DATA. He brings 14 years of international experience delivering technology solutions to solve complex business challenges in a rapidly evolving business and technology landscape.

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