Use Technology to Fight COVID-19 Head-On


Make an immediate impact on COVID-19 testing, treatment and response. Let's get started.


Smart Return to Business

Right now, we prioritize getting people back to work, getting students back to school and helping communities return to prosperity. Smart technologies can make this happen. Our Accelerating Smart Platform can take data from any source and perform a “health check” to determine if an individual can safely return to work, school or community interaction. It can also be configured to send notifications of possible exposure. This platform provides a baseline that works in multiple ways—occupancy and notification, situational awareness, smart health checks, protection and social distance compliance, contact tracing, data analysis—and even facilitation of quarantine remote care management.




COVID-19 Case Testing, Tracing and Mapping

We developed a fully mobile, end-to-end solution to test and trace City of Austin citizens, first responders and testing site workers. Built on the Salesforce platform, the user experience begins on the city’s public health crisis website, where a chatbot helps determine if one should get tested. For those requiring testing, the tool guides them through registering, finding a testing location and scheduling a test. The case tracker then records and communicates test results and manages a patient’s care and follow up.


Learn From Anywhere

As we emerge into “what’s next,” our schools must examine ways to operate in ways they never imagined. When we received the call requesting help to enable remote learning for the children of New York City, we quickly mobilized. In just three weeks, we delivered 300,000 iPads to students, 800 devices to teachers, hired and trained 70 call center agents and handled 29,000 calls. The classroom of the future will incorporate laptops and devices to ensure our students are getting the education they need, no matter where they are learning. And we are ready to help.

COVID-19 Patient Care Coordination

We have partnered with Enli to deliver a COVID-19 Care Coordination (EC3) program, a patient management program designed to record, manage and monitor patients at risk for, or who have already contracted, COVID-19. EC3 program allows clinical users to assess symptomatic and high-risk individuals to determine if self-isolation is safe and practical. This secure, HIPAA-compliant web-based application reduces security risk in health plan and health system networks and can be configured in two to 48 hours.


COVID-19 Virtual Screening

We have partnered with AskMD to deliver a COVID-19 chatbot screener, tapping our integration services and expertise in data intelligence and AI to customize consumer facing screeners or other support. Available for any organization in the U.S. to embed or link to on their website for their own users to take anonymously, the interactive COVID-19 AskMD consultation, powered by NTT DATA and IPsoft's Amelia, is available for any organization in the U.S. to embed or link to on their website for their own users to take anonymously. At the hosting organization’s discretion, it can then provide a customizable results summary screen to direct people to additional resources.



Provide timely healthcare services to your patients while maintaining social distancing recommendations. Enable two-way, real-time interactive communication between the patient and a physician or practitioner, from anywhere, at any time. A cost-effective alternative to the traditional face-to-face method of providing continuous, high-quality medical care will empower your patients with end-to-end telehealth tools and services, such as remote monitoring and technical and clinical support.


Pandemic Response Management

We have partnered with DataWalk to deliver an intelligent data correlation platform for pandemic response management, a solution that harnesses data to give advance notice of the most likely evolution of the pandemic in a region and analyze the effectiveness of response. The solution helps identify virus super-carriers and people at the highest risk of infection and predicts disease outbreaks and equipment or medical staff shortages. And it can help verify frequency of testing and coverage for people who deliver essential services.


Intelligent Data Capture for Payroll Protection Program (PPP) Processing

Small businesses across the country have had to shut their doors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, threatening futures and livelihoods. Banks moved swiftly to take in and originate thousands of SBA loan applications. You must ensure data is accurate, regulatory complexity is navigated quickly and customers’ loans are forgiven. Our Intelligent Data Capture for PPP processing helps financial services organizations meet the challenges of managing workflows, documents and resources to speed processing and ensure compliance. It combines data expertise, business processes and platforms to capture, index and package small business data to speed loan processing, improve data accuracy, and reduce risks for banks and for borrowers.


Call Center Surge Support

To respond to the ever-changing dynamic created by COVID-19, solutions need to be equally dynamic—and that may mean supporting call centers differently. Whether facilitating access to critical systems to accommodate teleworking, introducing automation tools like chatbots or helping to add qualified staff to support exponential demand, we're here to help. NTT DATA has a variety of call center solutions that can be deployed rapidly to help you respond to the needs of your clients.


Social Listening

Social media is a powerful tool that shapes conversations and has become critical to sharing reliable information during this pandemic. We partner with you to set up a holistic listening and insights service that seizes both social listening and social intelligence. Our solution gleans data from social media platforms and helps you gain the insights you need to support customers, constituents and communities.


SAP Pandemic Response Solutions

Quickly adaptable cloud-based solutions are needed to address the unprecedented disruption to local, regional and global supply chains. Our SAP Advisory team has developed value-engineered Pandemic Response Solutions to help address your business needs in these uncertain times: supply chain resilience, employee return readiness, customer friction assessment, employee health monitoring and access control and governance.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Image Diagnostic Solution

Nucleus for Unified Clinical Architecture (UCA) allows providers to contribute anonymized studies related to COVID-19 to promote research and development of image diagnostic technologies with use of AI through online collaboration. This removes bias in AI training and algorithm evaluation. Predicated on NTT DATA Services Advocate AI program for providers evaluating AI in all types of clinical imaging, clients and other providers can contribute to various research activities. By initiating a public effort around early detection of COVID-19 cases, the test data set will realize the development of decision support AI for COVID-19.


Helping You Pivot to the Next Normal

Almost 80% of CEOs and senior-level executives say COVID-19 has a substantial or massive impact on their corporate strategy, according to recent research conducted by NTT Ltd. and WSJ Intelligence. We’ll help you stabilize your operations, modernize your environment and redesign your business, all with a nod to resiliency and business continuity for whatever’s next.


Dynamic Workplace

The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has spurred a major shift to remote work and changed the workplace landscape dramatically. Our workplace services help you succeed in these changing times by providing your employees the flexibility they want to feel safe and engaged, while ensuring you maintain the security and control your enterprise needs. We also have workplace accelerators that address your immediate challenges and can be delivered in a matter of weeks. The solution is designed with user experience and productivity in mind and is cloud powered for scalability and immediate readiness.



The cybersecurity sector is constantly evolving. Research conducted by NTT Ltd. and WSJ Intelligence shows that NTT is investing $3.5 billion a year into research and development for the next five years, including cybersecurity-focused projects that embrace next-generation encryption technology strong enough to withstand attacks by tomorrow’s quantum computers. With cybercriminals aggressively exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic with phishing, malware and ransomware attacks that place clients and their stakeholders at risk, our pre-packaged cybersecurity services are ready to help you develop, implement and manage a secure and resilient enterprise. Services include identity and access management, intelligent endpoint, cloud security, application security and threat detection and response.

Cloud Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has illustrated the gap between digital-first organizations and enterprises that are hindered by legacy technologies. Organizations that need to reduce operating costs, boost agility, build resilience and dynamically adjust are turning to cloud-based solutions faster than ever before. Our cloud accelerators can deploy complete cloud environments in 10 days or reduce recurring cloud costs in 30 days. We can improve client agility, user experience and speed to market through the rapid development of cloud-native applications or legacy systems transformation.


Intelligent Automation

As business operations get impacted, companies will increasingly turn to automation to help them overcome staff shortages, perform tasks rapidly and manage large volumes of data effectively. Our automation services backed by Nucleus help you accelerate your automation initiatives for contactless services and operations, while providing the intelligence to design new business models in a quickly evolving business environment. We have proprietary toolsets and partnerships with niche vendors to help you automate processes across platforms and industries.