Navigate Compliance, Responsiveness and Resiliency With Safe Work Practices

Returning to the physical office space or worksite is more than a productivity issue. NTT DATA’s Smart Back to Work Application provides a tailored COVID-19 solution aligned to your organization’s priorities for a healthy, smart and safe return to work. Quickly deployed and easily accessible from mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers, the application provides a straightforward way to address the entire vaccination lifecycle — from vaccination status through weekly or regular testing.

Within a few minutes employees can upload proof of vaccination, attest to their vaccination status or upload COVID-19 test results. Our secure, real-time application is HIPAA-compliant and uses data analytics and intuitive dashboards to give you the flexibility to comply with mandates and address future change such as tracking booster timelines should this be a requirement in the future. Manage mandated compliance, give your employees peace of mind and stop the spread.

Our Smart Back to Work mobile app can help ready your business for vaccine mandates in minutes.


Swift, Enterprise-Wide Compliance

Speed, accessibility and usability are critical to our Smart Back to Work Application. The application is ready to launch in your organization and helps you manage mandated compliance. The goal, as always, is innovation, productivity and safety.


Schedule COVID-19 testing and view testing results


Follow health assessments and vaccination status


Leverage accessible analytics, reporting and dashboards

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A Safe Return

Colorado State University at Pueblo was recently awarded the 2021 Excellence and Innovation Award for Campus Pandemic Response after leveraging NTT DATA’s COVID-19 application in their efforts to welcome student safely back to campus.


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Our Smart Back to Work Application means businesses of all sizes can comply with new federal vaccine mandates.


Timothy C Conway Tim Conway Group President, Public Sector,  NTT DATA

“In times of crisis, technology companies have to be nimble to respond to changing client needs and priorities. NTT DATA’s Smart Back to Work Application enables government entities and private sector businesses to seamlessly track status and compliance with requirements, provides peace of mind and removes the complexity for all.”