“I firmly believe that by prioritizing safety, trust and resilience, we will move through this crisis together and emerge stronger on the other side.”


What our Clients are Saying

“We appreciate your proactive communication and your well-conceived crisis response. We thank you for the good and trusting cooperation, which is particularly important in these unprecedented times.”

— Dr. Roland Schütz
EVP & CIO, Lufthansa Group

"I agree with the conservative measures that NTT DATA is implementing. Our priority is our colleagues’ health and safety too, including our strategic partners such as NTT DATA."

— Mauricio Santos Bremer
Director IT and Digital Transformation — CIO, Arca Continental

Woman in scrubs smiling at child through glass windows

One Family. Stronger Together.

NTT DATA thanks the heroes making a difference every day.


Working Together

Find advice and information on how you can support telework and video conferencing to create a successful working environment during this time of crisis.

Our COVID-19 Pandemic Response Portfolio

We've created solutions that address the immediate challenges of our frontline workers. And, we're helping companies modernize, accelerate digital and create resilient IT environments as the world pivots to new market dynamics.

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Dynamic Workplace Accelerators

Deployed in weeks, we turn your rapid, short-term remote work deployments into secure, scalable and resilient operations. Empower users with uninterrupted remote access to critical business applications, familiar productivity solutions and self-service support options, while you get greater control over devices.­

man wearing safety mask working on his mobile

COVID-19: Assess, Test, Trace & Map the Spread

Together with the City of Austin, NTT DATA has launched a new application running on a Salesforce platform that will rapidly deploy a self-service channel and secure portal to collect COVID-19 screening and intake information from citizens and healthcare workers throughout the city.


Extraordinary Together

Our clients, partners, team members and communities are on the front lines responding in extraordinary ways during this time of crisis.

Erik Jost and Megan Geyer, NTT DATA Employees

Using AI in the Fight Against COVID-19

Sharecare in partnership with IPsoft and NTT DATA has launched a free interactive screening solution that allows people to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms and receive accurate “next steps” guidance. The solution will ease the strain on healthcare organizations.


Employee Heroes

We thank the NTT DATA team members who are going to extraordinary measures to support our clients through this crisis. From infrastructure management, software development, workplace collaboration, security, field service and beyond—we truly are stronger together.

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Swamy and YV Rao headhsot

Creating Community Kitchens

Several tribal communities live amidst the green hills of Karamadai in Coimbatore, India. When a national lockdown was announced on March 22, these communities were left without any opportunity to earn their daily wages and worse, access to food. Y V Rao and Manikanda Swamy, with the help of our partner NGO, Native Medicare Charitable Trust quickly organized food distributions for 500 villagers for three days. The Community Kitchen now has a financial boost from a cash award that our team won last year. Y V says, “Every year NTT rewards volunteers as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Last year, we were honored to win this monetary award. We are putting all of the award money into the Community Kitchen initiative. With the additional funds, we will be able to feed six more tribal villages or 1,000+ people per day for the next four weeks."

Girl with mask

CDC Mask-Making Duo

Delivery Manager Kellie and her daughter have sewn homemade cloth masks for our team members working face-to-face with our onsite customers at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. Thanks for keeping our front-line workers safe!

Learning Together

Resources, best practices and advice for challenging times. Keep checking back for updates.


Essential Lessons from the Pandemic Front Line

Hospitals, health plans and researchers are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic with innovative IT solutions. Technology apart, it’s also about cooperation and human connection. Our healthcare blog series explores the importance of being human, fast-forwarding tech adoption and the power of communication.

Shamlan Siddiqi - NTT DATA

Shamlan Siddiqi

CTO Public Sector

Our C-Suite Perspective

“The COVID-19 crisis is serving as a wake-up call to many CTOs and CIOs throughout government and industry. It is a cautionary tale of readiness and risk, to imagine the unimaginable and plan for the worst-case scenario regardless of the type of virus — whether Corona or computer"

Kris Fitzgerald Kris Fitzgerald Chief Technology Officer

Living the Future of Work

When social distancing forced entire workforces to work remotely, everything changed seemingly overnight, But Kris Fitzgerald sees a silver lining. “More than changing the way we work together, this quarantine experience may have a lasting impact on the way we see each other, as co-workers and as people,” he writes.


Work Remotely Without Feeling Remote

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For More Information

Talk to an NTT DATA expert about technology-enabled COVID-19 support and solutions.