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From brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce sites to mobile responsiveness, a customer’s buying choices are expanding faster than ever before. We can help you foster loyalty in this competitive environment.

Connect to your customers in the ways they’ve come to expect

We help you develop a digital approach across the supply chain. Give your customers the omni-channel retail experience that keeps them coming back. Get the solutions and services that address retail’s biggest challenges:

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Keep up with the pace of change and demand to expand capabilities by harnessing the insight of data analytics. See how data keeps your company competitive.

Cloud for Retail

Adopt the cloud and meet consumer expectations during all phases of their shopping experience. Put the power of the cloud to work.

Enterprise Solutions

We can work with you in enterprise resource planning, so your business gets the most return on investments.

Mobility Solutions

Our tailored solutions help both employees work and customers interact from anyplace, any time. Learn how mobile applications can help your business shine.

Social Media Services

Retailers are devoting more time and money to social media than ever before. Get the most out of that investment with social media planning, listening and action. See how social media services can change the conversation.


Integrate business strategy and enable technology

A seamless, engaging, next-generation retail experience across all channels is key in an era of new customer expectations. But successfully deploying your omni-channel strategy is a challenge. A lack of customer and product visibility holds you back. And your legacy, siloed databases and processes prevent you from analyzing large data volumes to glean meaningful insight into customer trends and choices. A positive online presence is expected, but you might lack a solid mobile strategy or e-commerce experience.

The right technology can create a compelling, customer-centric environment. We can help you achieve that unified customer experience, aligning everyone from your IT staff to your customer services reps to the people working in stores. With an end-to-end ecosystem of services and a proven record in retail IT success, we work together to achieve improved sales and marketing, better decision making from data, improved security, lower staffing costs, better profitability – ultimately cultivating customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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