Today’s New Normal Is the Future of Healthcare

Healthcare has traditionally meant treating sickness or chronic conditions in a hospital or physician office; however, health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of illness. Proactive prevention, which means enabling the right technology powered by trusted data for more personalized and precise care, is ultimately the goal. As a result, a health and wellbeing model that is human by design, trustworthy, and knowledge-driven needs to be the new mindset for the future of healthcare.

With over 50 years of healthcare industry insights, our experienced team can help you accelerate every aspect of your digital transformation. Our expertise in business and system resilience, digital core services, data driven health, digital health, empowered work, and healthcare consulting will enable you to determine and implement the best solutions to fit your goals and needs. Let’s work together to redefine and drive the future of healthcare.

Everest Group ranked NTT DATA as a Leader in its Healthcare Analytics Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022 report.

Embrace New Models of Care

Today’s new normal is the future of healthcare.
Simplify your digital healthcare journey with Nucleus
for Healthcare by NTT DATA, a singular platform
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Our Services

Business and System Resilience

Evolve healthcare business and delivery models to meet strategic goals and objectives by innovating in a digital ecosystem, driving growth, and improving operations and performance

Data-Driven Health

Apply data, analytics, and intelligent automation to drive actionable insights throughout the healthcare value chain

Digital Core Operations

Accelerate your digital transformation by establishing a hybrid IT infrastructure to make your operations more agile, intelligent and secure.

Digital Health & Technologies

Drive digital engagement to expand access, empower individuals, improve satisfaction and maximize revenue by humanizing the digital healthcare experience.

Empowered Work

Create hybrid digital workplaces to improve retention, productivity, flexibility and creativity by applying human-centered design and frictionless employee experiences.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Consulting

Accelerate digital transformation to provide human-centered, high-quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare and personalized treatments that elevate health and wellbeing.

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A Better Life of Health and Wellbeing

We can look to a future of healthcare in which maintaining and promoting people’s general wellbeing is a more prominent aim for society. Through a concerted and collaborative effort that includes the right application of technology, we can continue to advance and build on the collective learnings from the pandemic to evolve our approach.