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Technology enables better patient outcomes and reduces healthcare costs

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Foster better patient outcomes while reducing costs 

The U.S. health system is on a mission: help people stay healthy and make healthcare more affordable. These goals go hand-in-hand, because when people are healthier, healthcare costs go down.

We can help. We offer the people, processes and technology you need to:

  • Improve access to care and outcomes
  • Create IT flexible systems that can adapt to your needs
  • Provide access to information anytime, anywhere
  • Educate and engage patients and families
  • Connect providers, payers and patients to ensure care is coordinated
  • Secure patient and organizational data
  • Turn data into insights for better outcomes and improve financial performance

We can help you


Build trust and improve outcomes with technology that help you get closer to your patients and other caregivers


Make informed clinical and financial decisions with data-driven insights


Pivot quickly in with an agile, secure infrastructure


Give patients the ability to fully participate in their care with patient engagement solutions

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Integrate your data and effectively use analytics to manage population health, make care more precise, improve clinical outcomes and reduce the time and cost of regulatory reporting.

Improve patient outcomes with actionable insights

Our solutions:
  • Clinical Data Management and Integration
  • Operational and Financial Analytics
  • Population Health Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Quality Improvement and Compliance Analytics

EHR and Clinical Applications

Get a comprehensive EHR solution that includes software, hardware, installation, setup, training, and around-the-clock clinical and technical support.

Optimize your Electronic Medical Records for wherever, whenever access

Our solutions:
  • Clinical Service Desk
  • EHR Custom Services
  • EHR Implementation and Go-Live Services
  • EHR Optimization and Upgrades
  • Healthcare Information System Expertise
  • Legacy Support
  • Level 2 Application Support and Management

Interoperability and Integration

We combine the advanced capabilities of integration platform with comprehensive services for your integration projects.

Integrate your data for better outcomes and success with risk-based contracts

Our solutions:
  • Collaborative Integration Services
  • Comprehensive Integration Services

Patient Engagement

Create an effective patient engagement strategy to strengthen relationships, meet meaningful use criteria and improve patient outcomes.

Personalize care with effective engagement

Our solutions:
  • Mobile Health Application Services
  • Patient Engagement Program Design
  • Patient Relationship Management
  • Population Health Management
  • Telehealth Solutions

Revenue Cycle and Administration

Identify problem areas and create a streamlined revenue cycle operation, from clinical documentation to coding and billing to ERP workflows.

Track cost, increase transparency for value-based success

Our solutions:
  • Business Analysis Services
  • ERP Application Consulting
  • Financial Management and Regulatory Compliance
  • Healthcare Information Systems (HIS)
  • ICD-10 Migration
  • Non-Clinical Application Planning and Implementation
  • Revenue Cycle and Patient Access Consulting

Secure Healthcare Cloud

Gain the flexibility to grow and adopt new technologies, while reducing overall costs and internal workloads with our healthcare-only cloud.

Create a trusted flexible infrastructure

Our solutions:
  • Cloud Clinical Archive
  • Cloud for Hospitals
  • Cloud Recovery for Healthcare
  • Healthcare Cloud for Physician Practices
  • High-Performance Computing and Genomics

Strategic Consulting

Get the expertise and technology you need to create success in an environment where payment models, clinical technology and regulations are changing rapidly.

Prepare your healthcare operations and infrastructure today to meet the complex challenges of tomorrow

Our solutions:
  • Business Integration and IT Rationalization
  • Enterprise Information Architecture
  • Healthcare Security
  • Project and IT Leadership
  • Strategic Planning, Governance and Compliance
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