Strengthen Supply Chain Resiliency Through Data-Driven Innovation

In a rapidly changing and disruption-prone environment, companies across all industries can improve and sustain supply chain resiliency with innovative digital strategies and solutions. Our deep domain and technology expertise can help you rethink and optimize your supply chain strategy and network design leveraging AI- and ML-driven insights that foster agility and flexibility.

From end-to-end supply chain solutions tailored for temperature-controlled supply chains to operations-optimizing circular supply chains, our team of supply chain experts enables you to deliver superior, personalized customer experiences while driving measurable business outcomes. See how we can help you reach your business goals.

Kimberly McKinley, our supply chain transformation consulting practice director, thinks a data-driven digital-first reverse supply chain should be part of every retailer's corporate strategy. Find out why.


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The 2022 Third-Party Logistics Study Is Here

The results from the 2022 Third Party Logistics Study, conducted by NTT DATA and Pennsylvania State University, reveal the intense pressures and new demands on the supply chain, including issues of sustainability and ESG, the need for an intelligent supply chain, the cold chain and the effects of COVID-19.


Our Services

Circular Supply Chains

Develop seamless circular supply chains to optimize operations, improve the customer experience, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Supply Chain as a Service

Define alternative operating models and marketplaces to commercialize your supply chain, proliferate profit centers and monetize existing assets.

Supply Chain Strategy & Network Design

Rethink your supply chain strategy, facilities, locations, and end-to-end ecosystems to thrive in the new digital world.

Supply Chain Workforce Optimization

Optimize your workforce and address the talent gap, including diversity, equity and inclusion, while establishing an engaged workforce.

Temperature-Controlled Supply Chains

Develop nimble, end-to-end supply chains solutions tailored to dynamic temperature controls, leveraging digital solutions to reduce variances, exceptions and waste.

Unified Commerce Experience

Unify operations, fulfillment, customer services and data analytics to deliver personalized order management and fulfillment experiences.

Connecting Supply Chains
With Digital Technology

As the global supply chain bounces back from Covid-19,
digital technology is helping to make supply chains
resilient for the future. Here’s what you need to know.