The Packaging Optimization services offered by our supply chain consulting practice deliver reduced costs, improved sustainability, and increased customer satisfaction while being better integrated into your supply chain processes.

Our proven packaging engineering methods prioritize data-driven approaches and identify solutions that minimize your upfront investment, provide sufficient protection, and generate results that align with your strategic goals.

NTT DATA does not sell or broker any packaging materials or equipment, meaning our assessments and recommendations are unbiased and are only given with your needs in mind. Our sole focus is solving your packaging challenge while adding profit to your bottom line.

Innovative, practical solutions that drive meaningful supply chain outcomes.

NTT DATA’s combination of package engineering experience, world-class industry expertise and comprehensive supply chain knowledge results in packaging optimized for both your product and bottom line.

  • Damage & Waste Reduction
  • Cost savings and end-to-end execution
  • Ecommerce packaging solutions
  • New package research and development
  • Sustainable Packaging Strategies
  • Specialized Packaging Certification Support

Product damage, whether manifested through a steady increase or a sudden spike in your damage signal, creates significant waste in your supply chain, negatively impacts your profitability, and ultimately decreases your customer satisfaction ratings.

Our team of certified packaging professionals employs proven methods and processes to assess your supply chain to identify and confirm potential hazards and sources of product damage. Using quantitative and qualitative data from our assessment, the team then performs in-depth analyses that guide the development of custom packaging solutions that align with the requirements and handling methods of your specific distribution channels.

We are passionate about minimizing packaging costs while protecting your high-value products. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art software, design tools, and a unique total-system approach to reduce product damage through smarter packaging and handling solutions.

NTT DATA’s team of packaging consultants deliver programs that increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce waste and drive profit and long-term cost savings. Our team of Certified Packaging Professionals utilizes numerous technical levers that can be applied to optimize packaging materials and systems within your unique supply chain.

Our approach spans beyond traditional strategic sourcing events and employs a combination of in-depth spend and data analysis and an end-to-end operational assessment, which allow us to analyze your supply chain — from raw materials to manufacturing to distribution — to identify total cost impacts in the value chain. This packaging system assessment can uncover improvement opportunities that cascade across the supply chain, including packaging materials, material handling, storage and transportation spend categories.

Our methodology branches across industries to identify tactical and strategic cost savings, test and verify the recommendations, and work with broad cross-functional teams to execute and implement the final solutions.

The mode of getting your products to the end consumer continues to evolve and remain fluid to meet the demands of consumers and resilient supply chains. Whether your product is shipped through small-parcel, LTL or final-mile delivery, our packaging experts are equipped to help your organization develop a packaging solution and system to ensure your products arrive safely. Our team understands the unique supply chain hazards and requirements of shipping within these various channels.

Our packaging engineers focus on a total-system perspective that spans primary, secondary and tertiary packaging to help ensure an enhanced customer experience and five-star reviews while advancing the success of sustainability and ESG initiatives. We can help advance your organization’s ecommerce maturity, no matter where you are in the omnichannel journey.

Launching innovative new products allows a company to remain competitive, but the packaging associated with that product is often an afterthought. NTT DATA’s supply chain consulting practice can help develop an optimized package design that not only helps promote your product but provides the necessary protective capabilities as well.

Early involvement with brand owners and product development teams can ensure alignment on the key metrics and go-to-market strategy for product launch to evolve your product from concept to commercialization.

Leveraging a fact-based approach on success criteria and requirements, we help you to identify the optimal packaging materials and design across primary, secondary and tertiary packaging. We aid in design development, determine how to engineer for the distribution dynamics within your supply chain, identify the appropriate vendors for packaging sourcing, and assist with the development of packaging guidelines and standard operating procedures.

Manufacturers and retailers alike are increasingly tasked with achieving improved sustainability results. Whether these goals are internal targets or aligning to upcoming legislation and regulations, it’s important to understand the environmental impacts of your packaging systems and gain perspective on tactical and strategic opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint.

NTT DATA’s supply chain consulting practice works with your organization to identify opportunities for improved sustainability. Alongside your team, we gather the necessary data to conduct a full-scale gap analysis of your existing packaging approach. This aids in creating quantifiable metrics that can be used for an assessment and scorecard implementation directly linked to your environmental impact.

While there are many avenues that can prove successful in pursuit of your goals, it’s vital that product integrity, equipment throughput and efficiencies and product protection are considered when evaluating alternative materials alone. Our packaging experts ensure all of these factors play a prominent role in decision-making.

We offer expertise in primary and transport packaging solutions to help companies develop packaging designs that will pass the required testing to earn Amazon’s certification for Prep-Free Packaging (PFP), Ships-in-Own Container (SIOC), and Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP).

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