NTT DATA’s IDSP capabilities enable a wide variety of outcomes and employ a fit-for-purpose paradigm in working toward your objectives, from sales forecasting and balancing supply and demand to increasing cross-functional alignment and operational efficiency while amplifying ROI.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs, and we take a case-by-case approach to solution development by leveraging our extensive expertise and proven methods to arrive at fact-based strategies.

With a core philosophy centered around a deep understanding of your business and planning requirements, our expert IDSP practitioners work closely with your team to identify gaps and key opportunities, develop roadmaps for planning transformation, employ market-leading analytics techniques and data visualization, and improve your planning processes and technology solutions to help you maximize the value you deliver to your organization.

Innovative, practical solutions that drive meaningful supply chain outcomes.

Our IDSP capabilities are ignited by first intimately understanding your business and supply chain. With that foundation of insight, we can deliver both immediate planning improvements and long-term holistic transformation.

  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
  • Inventory Planning and Deployment
  • Supply and Production Planning
  • Executive S&OP and IBP
  • Digital Transformation Technologies

Our demand-focused services help you understand the characteristics and drivers of your demand, enhance your forecasting processes, select and optimize your use of enabling tools and technology, and leverage leading analytical approaches in order to help you improve your forecast accuracy, raise your service levels, manage your portfolio, and maximize your return on planning efforts.

Our inventory-specific services help you set inventory targets, raise fill rates and on-time, in-full (OTIF) performance and optimally position raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods inventory throughout your supply chain network for a minimum total cost to serve and highest return on invested capital.

The Supply Planning services offered by our supply chain consulting practice help you achieve your inventory, product availability and service targets through optimized replenishment, fulfillment, allocation and/or advanced production planning and scheduling.

NTT DATA’s Sales & Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning services help you synchronize processes and plans among Operations, Supply Chain, Finance and Business Management.

Our planning evaluation and selection services help identify the best platforms for your company’s needs.  That’s because we understand the core competencies of industry-leading providers for solutions across the supply chain.

We partner with our clients at every stage of implementation – and that collaboration continues through solution deployment to manage sustainable processes and adoption.

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