NTT DATA’s supply chain consulting practice provides operation-level consulting delivered by domain experts highly skilled at evaluating distribution and manufacturing operations to develop a practical, tailored and implementable solution for complex supply chain problems.

We strive to set a foundation for growth by defining the operational strategy and implementing repeatable processes that create visibility within the supply chain to drive change, deliver cost savings and improve service levels.

Innovative, practical solutions that drive meaningful supply chain outcomes.

We help organizations maximize the value of their supply chain by analyzing and improving components of their operations — from end-to-end process optimization (Order to Cash and Procure to Pay), labor requirements, facility design, technology selection, equipment recommendations and implementation support to drive change with a bias for action.

  • Operations Diagnostic & Design
  • Distribution operating model and 3PL selection
  • Technology Selection & Implementation
  • Post-Sales Support & Strategy
  • Assessing order-to-cash and procure to pay
  • Transformation support

NTT DATA’s supply chain consulting practice provides Operations Diagnostic and Design services that determine the optimal warehouse/distribution center layout; optimize processes to increase efficiency, capacity and operational performance; and identify opportunities to reduce the cost to serve your customers.

By identifying fact-based strategies for supply chain network configuration and material flow, you can support overall corporate business strategy while positively impacting profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our solutions include:

  • Space and Capacity Planning
  • Inventory Profiling and Slotting
  • Material Handling Design/Selection
  • Conceptual (Block) and Detail Warehouse/DC Design
  • Enabling Technology Evaluation and Selection (WMS, LMS, WCS)
  • Automation Feasibility Assessments
  • Operational Benchmarking
  • Cost-to-Serve Analytics

Our distribution operating model selection & 3PL advisory/selection capabilities help organizations determine what the correct operating model is for their distribution operations, whether that be insourced or outsourced, selecting the right partner for their business or ensuring their 3PL partner is performing in accordance with contractual requirements — with a goal of maximizing service and minimizing cost to the organization.

As the digital revolution continues to grow and evolve, it can become more and more challenging for organizations to make confident choices regarding the tools and platforms they choose to utilize. With investments increasing and evaluation becoming more opaque, you need a partner that not only has world-class supply chain expertise, but also has a place on the forefront of business technology transformation.

Leveraging NTT DATA’s broad resources and legacy of innovation, our supply chain consulting practice helps organizations level up their supply chain operations and solve complex problems with emerging technologies and agile methodologies. From vendor selection to choosing the right warehouse technology (like WMS, LMS, ASRS, AGV or MES), we are here to help.

Many organizations find themselves focused exclusively on sales, often overlooking the high costs and margin erosion associated with the post-sales support of their products in the form of returns, repairs and warranty operations.

Our Post-Sales Support and Strategy services reduce these overlooked costs by evaluating post-sales strategies. This enables an organization to improve customer service levels; optimize return, repair and warranty processes; mitigate reverse logistics costs; and improve customer service performance.

Our solutions include:

  • Cost Reduction/Process Improvement
  • Insource/Outsource Determination
  • Diagnostic/Software Reflash Implementation
  • Warranty Management Strategy
  • No Trouble Found (NTF) Reduction
  • Metrics/Dashboards/Control Towers
  • Product Development and PLM Strategy
  • Returns and Repair Capacity Planning and Modeling

Our supply chain consulting practice’s end-to-end capabilities are designed to identify solutions that provide organizations with improved control and visibility over the entire lifecycle of a transaction — from the way an item is ordered to the way the final invoice is processed and paid. We strive to provide full insight into cash flow and financial commitments, streamlining processes and the cycle times that are both labor-intensive and costly to an organization.

Our solutions include:

  • End-to-End P2P Process Improvement
  • Policy Development/Modification
  • Enabling Technology Assessment/Identification
  • Supplier Segmentation

Executing a supply chain strategy requires not only the resources but, more importantly, the operational subject-matter expertise to turn that strategy into a reality. Through transformation planning and implementation support, our team will provide the analytical skills to accelerate the implementation timeline while minimizing the inherent risk tied to transformation.

Our capabilities include:

  • Transformation Project Portfolio Development and Sequencing
  • Resource Planning
  • Transformation Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategies
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Program Management Office Design and Stand Up
  • Financial Analysis/Business Case Development
  • Implementation Execution Support 

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