The vast majority of the value a supply chain can deliver is captured in the design. But establishing a well-researched supply chain strategy that can provide value indefinitely is no longer a viable model.

Instead, the domain experts at NTT DATA create supply chain solutions that are aligned with today’s consumer demand and help you maintain that alignment as the requirements and costs change over time and new innovations come to light.

By identifying fact-based strategies for supply chain network configuration and material flow, you can support overall corporate business strategy while positively affecting profitability and customer satisfaction.

More innovative, practical solutions that drive meaningful supply chain outcomes.

Our supply chain design capabilities improve the value of your supply chain, and our world-class consultants can help you seamlessly navigate through the changes in your business that necessitated a reinvention or refinement to your supply chain strategy.

  • Cost-to-serve and true profitability analysis
  • Supply chain network opportunity assessment
  • Supply Chain Network Design
  • Supply chain design capability development
  • Supply chain segmentation
  • Supply chain carbon footprint analysis

NTT DATA takes a holistic approach to cost-to-serve assessments and believes any relevant cost triggered by customer behavior should be evaluated in a similar manner. We have a long track record of helping clients develop a detailed understanding of how cost-to-serve, by customer and product, functions as a prerequisite for any organization looking to manage its profitability and use these insights to identify innovative supply chain opportunities. However, the biggest value is generated by assessing the cost-to-serve and true profitability figures between supply chain, sales, marketing and finance.

These analytics enable fact-based decisions relating to the product, customer portfolio, and the service offering by highlighting opportunities in both customer segmentation and supply chain design. While our team is typically looking for immediate opportunities, we can also help embed it in a sustainable way (often as part of executive S&OP) in order to structure tactical decisions between supply chain, finance, sales and marketing.

Our supply chain network opportunity assessment quickly estimates the potential benefit of a redesigned network. To provide insight into your firm’s savings potential, we analyze your current structure, costs and performance metrics to better align your network to optimally manage supply and demand.

This capability identifies opportunities to realign supply and demand facility assignments, add or close stocking or manufacturing locations, move production offshore, or shift transportation modes, ports or border crossings.

NTT DATA’s Supply Chain Network Design services provide a fact-based analysis to help you determine how to most efficiently serve customers, consolidate new assets or expand into new markets or products.

Our domain experts help you develop and maintain a team and associated business processes to support the ongoing supply chain design needs of the enterprise. Based on our decades of experience in working with successful teams, we will help to establish realistic maturity goals and define the path to move from the current state to the desired level.

Rather than relying on traditional marketing or financial classifications, our team can help your organization define customer and product segments based on how they consume resources specifically in the supply chain.

Our unique methodology classifies products into Logistically Distinct Product (LDP) categories and customers into Logistically Distinct Customer (LDC) categories by their common impact on manufacturing capacity, inventory behavior, transportation costs, and service requirements. This service allows you to understand ongoing true cost and profit implications of product and customer behavior on supply chain resources.

NTT DATA’s supply chain consulting practice provides a framework to realistically measure greenhouse gas emissions, calculate energy consumption, and create a structure for an environmentally responsible supply chain.

Using specific energy differentials and an activity-based carbon content approach, we can help you quantify your carbon footprint and begin to address not only the information requirements of customers, governmental and non-governmental agencies, but also the opportunities to eliminate GHG emissions. Additionally, we can enable ongoing emissions reporting and analyses and help you align your management team to define acceptable GHG levels and emission reduction goals.

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