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We invest $3.6 billion annually for R&D

Bringing the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Defense Health Agency and other agencies the latest in healthcare technology.

Revolutionizing Medicine

NTT Research’s Medical and Health Informatics (MEI) Lab is exploring how bio digital twin technology can be useful in predicting and diagnosing disease and illness in virtual scenarios before application to real world setting.

Our commitment to research is backed by our 18,000+ patents and team of 2,300 scientists who keep abreast of advances in technology. See our innovations.

Accessible anywhere, on any device: Meet our digital human!

You can expand access to care and telehealth capabilities with our digital human. It combines machine learning, speech recognition, natural language processing and conversational AI to help citizens confidently navigate processes to get the care they need.

Noel Hara

Digital humans create an emotional connection way beyond a standard chatbot. A digital human is conversational, responding in a natural manner, with patience, in real time. They can even provide onscreen guides and videos to help engage with the user.

Noel Hara, CTO, Public Sector

Secure electronic medical records with attribute-based encryption

Attribute-based encryption (ABE) would be useful for electronic medical records applications where different players – doctors, nurses, admission, finance – are responsible for different areas, and thus are granted access only to specific slices of data. Whereas traditional role-based encryptions will unlock data for a user who has the proper key, with ABE parts of the data set at a granular level can be locked and unlocked based on the attributes of a user, such as their job title, department or security clearance.

In a healthcare example, a single data set of a patient’s image scans can be published. However, a user conducting anonymized research of a specific condition might only see image files or results with no personal identifiable information. Conversely, the patient’s physician treating the condition might see the full details of the file.

ServiceNow Case Studies

NTT DATA is committed to supporting those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. We actively recruit and hire former military servicemen and women and any employee can join our Veterans and Employees Together (VET) organization, an Employee Resource Group that promotes veterans and veteran causes.

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