Our mission is to promote awareness of mental health, educate, eliminate stigma and build a comfortable community where individuals can interact to better their lives by sharing their stories.

We want to remind our community that:
You are not alone.
It is okay not to be okay.

With over 800 members worldwide, LIFT hopes to continue growing and meeting our goals!

What LIFT Does

  • We encourage members to participate in the Share Your Story Series, which can be anonymous or named, in person or online.
  • We host weekly meditation sessions, either in real time or via recorded podcast.
  • We send out uplifting messages to remind employees that they are not alone. These also take the form of UPLIFTS, images made to become computer backgrounds featuring inspiring messages.
  • Our monthly newsletter contains articles educating our members about mental health topics.
  • We cross-collaborate with other ERGs to spread the word about mental health and connect our employees.

Some of Our Latest Activities

We recently hosted a seminar on The Art of Patience. This seminar is available thru Catalys and employee participants can receive 1 hour of training credit upon completion.

At the end of each year, we focus on the topic How to Cope with the Holidays. The winter holidays may be a time of celebration, but they can also be a time of conflict and stress. Our ERG helps members manage their emotions during difficult times.

Our February 2023 meeting topic was How Pets Aid in Our Mental Health. Julia Rose, a licensed therapist, spoke to our group about how she uses animals in her practice, and how our individual pets are a benefit to us.

woman doing yoga while cat walks by

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