Leading Inclusion

Kerry Kreighbaum, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances and One NTT, discusses diversity in working styles and the impact of individual backgrounds on our professional lives.

Amir Durrani, Executive Vice President of Digital Operations, describes how a diverse team that reflects the world we live in is critical to the success of our global business.

Shalini Kumar, Vice President of India Application Delivery, details the DEI Council's contributions to driving engagement and accountability for a more inclusive culture.

Terri Hatcher HeadShot


One of the most exciting things about working in this space is that things are always changing. We are constantly adapting to changes in our global economic climate and to the needs of our employees in different regions of the world. It also means that we are constantly learning — from each other, our peers, clients and partners.

Terri Hatcher (she/her), Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Nurila Saitova

Nurila Saitova, Project Analyst, Dubai Team

"Cultivating a diverse team where everyone feels they can bring their best selves to work is not only the right thing to do, but it’s also the best thing we’ve done in our team. It fosters a safe, secure and inclusive workplace where all of us with diverse backgrounds can thrive."

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

NTT DATA has eight ERGs that provide a forum for employees with common interests to discuss issues, share ideas and propose change.

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We still have work to do, and we are committed to it. We look forward to continued progress toward being the best inclusive organization we can be and reaping the benefits for our clients, investors, team members, partners and communities.

Bob Pryor, Chief Executive Officer

 2023 DEI Annual Update

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