Digital transformation initiatives tend to fail when user adoption and business alignment efforts fall short. Successfully executing against a data and analytics strategy requires a multifaceted enablement approach that spans project, product and change management to ensure successful delivery and adoption. Our analytics enablement experts leverage leading tools, proven frameworks and a product mindset to reduce implementation challenges and accelerate success.

Post-implementation, true enablement requires a focus on adoption and facilitating a shift in culture toward analytics. When users understand why a data product exists, as well as what it’s intended to do, your organization can fully reap the operational and growth benefits of these solutions.

Enabling successful data and analytics implementations that build trust

Our analytic enablement experts minimize obstacles and expedite client success across all stages of enterprise program, project and product management. They are adept at empowering agile transformations and orchestrating impactful change management. From launching internal data products to accelerating digital transformation, we can help.

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Scaled agile transforms how telecom leader brings new products to market

See how the move to scaled agile, led by NTT DATA analytics enablement experts, allowed a large telecom company to improve collaboration, rally around shared priorities and reduce new product time-to-market from 2.5 years to as few as 45 days while cutting costs by 33%.

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