How to deploy AI — particularly generative AI (GenAI) — is top of mind. While some organizations have clearly defined goals and others are considering them for the first time, most are united in their belief that AI-powered solutions can change the way they operate, optimize and compete. Our perspective is no different.

Our team is focused on making a practical difference with AI in the immediate term — developing frameworks and tools to help you achieve specific outcomes like understanding how to drive more conversions, how to build new solutions faster and how to use real-time data to drive ROI. However, arriving at new competitive advantages via AI requires an enterprise-level strategy that begins with getting your data house in order. From there, automation, data science, generative AI and intelligent solutions can begin to make an impact.

We have the data strategists, scientists, engineers and generative AI experts — along with the global resources of NTT DATA — to not only build powerful models, but also implement, manage and evolve them across your enterprise. From concept to creation to value capture, we can help you accelerate and innovate to achieve tomorrow’s business goals.

Thought Leadership

Delivering AI-powered solutions that simplify and speed your pursuit of superior business outcomes

We deliver solutions, not just models. This means the work we do across AI, GenAI, machine learning and intelligent automation doesn’t just make a difference in theory; it makes a tangible and sustainable impact on your business from the moment implementation is completed.

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To transform your business with AI, you have to prioritize the business. It’s not about technology, it’s not about a tech strategy, it’s about your ideal business outcomes and how they can be enabled with solutions like generative AI and intelligent applications. The smartest companies are leveraging AI to unlock competitive advantages.

Wendy Collins,
Chief AI Officer, NTT DATA