Together, we enable a connected future.

  • Push To Talk for Wireless Communications
    • Group calling and messaging
    • Real-time location tracking
    • Connect frontline workers across teams and locations
  • Digital Frontline Worker Platform
    • Self Assist: Training and guidance, real-time data sharing, contextual information
    • Work Assist: Work instructions, checklists
    • Remote Assist: Expert sessions training and conversations
  • Always Connected PCs
    • Long battery life, long standby time, and built-in data connections
    • Low latency application usage

All with high security and real-time speed.

Michelle Bautista

How does the power of ServiceNow take Private 5G to the next level? ServiceNow takes all the information coming from various devices in your Private 5G network and determines what your priorities should be, how to optimally connect devices together, and what the upstream and downstream impacts of your decisions will be. Now you can understand how the information from your IoT combines and create a bigger picture and understanding of how your operations work on a day-to-say basis.

Michelle Bautista, Director
ServiceNow Practice

Why NTT DATA and ServiceNow?

Building on NTT’s Private 5G (P5G) service offering, ServiceNow workflows help enterprises digitize work that is foundational to Private 5G deployment and adoption. This partnership focuses on providing optimum customer experience.

Our AI-powered, end-to-end workflow management and service automation system leverages ServiceNow capabilities and enables businesses to:

  • Solve their issues with simple cloud-based solution
  • Decrease time to market
  • Enhance service management experience
  • Enable faster, more reliable, and more secure communication with teams globally
  • Enhance bandwidth and increase security

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