ServiceNow and NTT DATA Deliver the Benefits of Private 5G with AI-Powered Workflow Management and Service Automation

  • March 15, 2023
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Before we jump straight into the news that ServiceNow and NTT DATA have teamed up to deliver enhanced Private 5G value, it might be worth discussing what Private 5G is.

Private 5G is a mobile network that is technically the same as a public 5G network, but as the name implies, the owner has complete control over who has access to it and the associated data. Private 5G combines several platform and partner components into a single integrated solution with a global SIM that delivers a vast array of applications.

What are the main benefits of Private 5G?

Private 5G networks are faster, with more capacity, better security, and less latency than their public counterparts. It’s an ideal solution for businesses and facilities needing coverage, speed, and security capabilities beyond Wi-Fi and other network-enhancing technology.

Because digital transformation is a priority for organizations in all industries, the demand for Private 5G implementation is increasing. That’s because Private 5G provides predictable performance when it counts most. High-speed, low-latency connections offer more stability, productivity, and effectiveness. It’s everything you need to turn mission-critical into mission accomplished.

Watch how together, we can enable a connected future.

NTT DATA’s approach to Private 5G: Accelerating digital transformation through seamless connectivity

NTT DATA’s Private 5G platform is designed to supply reliable, high-bandwidth, and low-latency connections on your critical infrastructure. With the ability to support multiple enterprise use cases on a single network, Private 5G enables an application- and device-aware networking solution that isn’t possible with cellular wireless connectivity.

NTT DATA’s solution is the first of its kind to offer a full stack of network, device, and service options to meet the challenge of scaling Private 5G installations within organizations. With this full-range solution, your organization can:

  • Experience seamless connectivity: Take advantage of the best connectivity experience for critical infrastructure with guaranteed bandwidth, latency, and packet error rate service levels.
  • Accelerate digital transformation: Reduce costs using networking delivered as a service.
  • Improve employee experience and productivity: Provide service professionals with remote support, training, and task management through augmented reality to reduce training times and error rates.
  • Maintain control of your network and data: With the ability to be deployed entirely on-premises, all traffic remains under the control of the enterprise.

Big business cases for NTT DATA’s Private 5G Platform

NTT DATA’s Private 5G platform goes beyond what’s currently possible on other networks so your organization can harness the full power of:

  • Push-to-talk wireless communications: Private 5G has a much more extensive range than Wi-Fi, which means push-to-talk (PTT) on a Private 5G network offers walkie-talkie convenience no matter how far apart coworkers may be. And because PTT minimizes traffic latency and packet error rates, your team can share information faster and more seamlessly — one-on-one or in a group chat — in areas where traditional service is limited or unavailable.
  • Digital frontline guidance: Frontline workers are essential to the success of many organizations. Private 5G makes it simple to securely share the information that matters most — like real-time data, on-the-spot training, and remote assistance — with the people essential to an organization’s operations.
  • Always-connected PCs: Because of Private 5G’s low latency, the batteries in your team’s critical devices will last far longer. Private 5G eliminates the need for mobile hotspots or external Wi-Fi, so you’ll always have seamless, uninterrupted, secure service.

NTT DATA and ServiceNow enable end-to-end workflow management

Organizations must digitize new and existing business processes to get the most significant value from Private 5G to bridge the gap between current workflows and a Private 5G network. That’s why NTT DATA and ServiceNow are partnering — to simplify the digitization process so your Private 5G implementation and adoption faster and easier.

ServiceNow’s end-to-end workflows will determine your priorities, how to connect all of your devices, and visualize the upstream and downstream impacts of your Private 5G network so you can avoid siloed data and see how your entire IoT comes together daily.

Combining NTT DATA’s Private 5G with ServiceNow’s workflows and AI doesn’t just generate data and tells you what to do with it. It delivers these valuable insights quickly, so you can take action before critical errors materialize.

With a combination of cloud-based economics and enhanced service management experience, this partnership empowers your organization with smarter, faster, better ways to work. It’s a win-win-win.

Learn more about NTT DATA and ServiceNow’s Private 5G capabilities.


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Michelle Bautista
Michelle Bautista is a Presales Program Architect in the ServiceNow Platform with over 20 years in IT transformation and support.

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