Our supply chain consulting practice specializes in technology-led transformation, led by domain experts with decades of hands-on experience in providing end-to-end solutions.

Our industry, technical and systems expertise enables us to incorporate analytics into implementations to help you realize a faster time to value.

  • Evaluation & Selection Services
  • Implementation & Configuration Services
  • o9 Solutions Implementation Services

Connected planning provides visibility, insights and collaboration across the enterprise.

Connected planning is the process of aligning data, people, process, tools and technologies across an organization to maximize strategic fact-based decision making quickly. Automating your processes offers a transformative edge by expediting workflows, minimizing errors and enabling advanced data analytics.

Our planning evaluation and selection services help identify the platforms best suited for your needs.  We understand the core competencies of industry-leading providers for solutions across the supply chain including demand planning, inventory management, supply planning, production scheduling, forecastability analysis, product segmentation and SKU optimization.

Our analytics-based and methodical approach helps your implementation succeed.

Support services consider all aspects of the implementation including planning, designing, prototyping, testing plans, training and documentation.  Our hands-on consultants work closely with your teams to achieve the highest level of acceptance and adoption.

We partner with our clients at every stage of implementation. We take a process-first approach in blueprinting an implementation roadmap to meet your business needs.

Throughout development, we involve the business and IT stakeholders to ensure alignment across the organization.

This partnership continues through solution deployment to enforce sustainable processes and adoption.

With o9 solutions, you can streamline your planning processes in a fully integrated platform, enabling you to make more informed decisions and improve your planning accuracy through advanced demand planning, forecasting, supply planning, and financial planning and S&OP capabilities.

As a trusted implementation partner of o9 solutions, we have an in-depth understanding of how your business can leverage the o9 digital brain, a cloud-based, customizable platform that helps optimize operations and decision-making.

Our experience leading large scale o9 Implementations spans across industries and geographies, with U.S. and European-lead projects in industries such as retail, agriculture, and telecommunications.

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