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Enable Organizational Transformation While Mitigating Risk

Every organization faces changes that present varying levels of risk to the business from minor inconveniences to detrimental threats. The pandemic increased risks to organizations with mass transition to remote work, higher rates of fraud, account takeovers and unprecedented change to internal processes. Operational risk captures business continuity plans, environmental risks, crisis management, process systems, health and safety and information technology risks. A sophisticated operational risk management strategy and proven expertise help organizations be proactive in the face of risk.

Our operational risk management services offer a holistic consultative approach and partnership to ensure end-to-end coverage. Our integrated solution is tested and currently being deployed in a highly regulated environment. We help assess your IAM tooling processes and policies and address your current technology, integration policy, process, and people dimensions. Leverage specific assets, implementation frameworks, skills, and partnerships to embrace new ways of working that protect your business.

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Upgrade Operational Systems and Processes

Weak manual controls slow down organizations and expose consumers, information and assets to greater risks. Organizations struggle to transition to modern, automated interfaces at scale. The right partners and technology make operational risk management possible.

How We Deliver Operational Risk Management

Our hands-on approach helps organizations enact real oversight and strategy when it comes to managing risk.


Examine current IAM tooling, processes and policies and identify strategic improvements.


Identify technology, integration, policy, process and people dimensions.


Leverage our implementation frameworks, digital skills and strategic partnerships.


Maintain workplace transformation using organizational change management strategies.

Everest Group named us a Leader in the BFS Risk and Compliance IT Services PEAK Matrix Assessment. — July 2020

Our Services

Measurement and Mitigation

Mitigate risks by implementing automated controls to proactively limit exposure and damage.

Monitoring and Reporting

Feel protected with ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure solutions continue to effectively manage risks in a changing environment.

Risk Assessment

Assess the frequency and severity of risks from a qualitative and quantitative perspective to prioritize the management of each risk.

Risk Identification

Understand risks that are specific to your organization and identify all potential risks to your business.

Operational Risk Management Consulting