Six Rs in Accelerating Mainframe Modernization

The digital revolution has benefited every industry — be it healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, transportation or government. Mainframes can’t deliver what’s necessary to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Our new research explores the six Rs of modernization: retiring, rehosting, rearchitecture, resourcing, recording and rewriting.

With rising operating and maintenance costs, limited scalability and agility, and the need to glean insights more easily from data, today’s challenges dwarf mainframes’ capabilities. Moreover, a retiring workforce, coupled with technical debt, squeezes budgets and squelches modernization endeavors.

The solution is digital. Download our eBook to learn the risks and rewards of mainframe modernization and get a fresh perspective.

Digital generated image of data server

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand why businesses need to modernize
  • Evaluate the risks and rewards of mainframe modernization
  • Analyze several approaches to embrace modernization