Offering Details

We begin with analysis that extracts business logic and traces user interaction to the level of a line of source code and related data entities. This fully exposes the value of legacy applications and removes risk of the unknown. Our re-architecture approach brings functionality and data from costly, brittle legacy applications into Java and .NET business applications that are ready for digital innovation. We automate code analysis and data migration with patented, fit-to-purpose tools. Post migration, we offer application support, maintenance enhancements and upgrades, as well as basic user provisioning and support. This frees up your resources for new application development.

Key Benefits

We re-develop applications using your existing business logic, data, and application usage to fully leverage modern technologies.

  • Take advantage of more manageable applications that are ready for new initiatives 
  • Realize cost savings through lower maintenance and modern platforms
  • Consolidate multiple applications and data sources into a single modern architecture 
  • Support critical enhancements required to maintain competitive position or regulatory compliance
  • Enable new initiatives on an architecture able to support cloud, mobile or virtualized deployments 
  • Optimize workflows and enable better access to and management of business data
  • Retain key business functionality and differentiators while providing the benefit of a modern architecture (Java, .NET) 
  • Build upon existing application assets to optimize business processes and data workflow

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