NTT DATA Sponsors Antarctic Expedition for Climate Change Awareness

Robert Swan’s “Undaunted: South Pole 2023” expedition will promote climate-change solutions and long-term protection for Antarctica

PLANO, Texas – October 20, 2022 – NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, today announced its sponsorship of an historic effort by explorer Robert Swan, OBE, to complete his walk across the full breadth of Antarctica while demonstrating sustainable technologies and renewable energy.

Swan is the first person to walk to the North and South Poles, and he now seeks to complete his goal of walking across the entire Antarctic landmass. Through these and numerous other expeditions, Swan has promoted the importance of combatting climate change — advocating for clean energy, recycling and other sustainable behaviors. He established the 2041 Foundation to urge continued protection of the frozen continent when the Antarctic Treaty becomes subject to review in 2041.

“Antarctica is the last true wilderness on the surface of our planet, yet even this incredibly remote location is experiencing devastating effects from climate change with catastrophic implications for us all,” said Swan. “Undaunted aims to demonstrate that everyone has a role in fighting climate change. Even small actions add up to significant milestones on the world’s collective journey to sustainability.”

In 1986, Swan and his team of polar pioneers walked approximately 900 nautical miles from the edge of Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf to the Geographic South Pole. In 2017, Swan attempted to walk the remaining 600 miles across the continent but was forced to stop with 300 miles to go due to a catastrophic hip injury. During a subsequent attempt in 2020, Swan reinjured his hip as the journey neared completion and had to postpone his goal once again. Despite the setbacks, Swan remains “undaunted” and expects to complete his objective in January of 2023.

During Undaunted, Swan intends to demonstrate sustainable solutions including a wind-powered generator, biofuels, and clothing and equipment made from recycled materials.

“Robert demonstrates the power of resilience, perseverance and honoring commitments,” said Bob Pryor, CEO of NTT DATA Services. “Sustainability is a top priority for NTT DATA’s leadership, employees and clients. We are extremely proud to support this expedition and Robert’s ongoing work to raise awareness of climate change and inspire action.” As Rob correctly states, “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”

NTT DATA is supporting Swan’s Undaunted expedition based on the company’s vision to realize a sustainable future. In November, NTT DATA will launch a web-based app and a podcast series to provide information on Swan’s expedition and encourage individuals and organizations to commit to their own journeys toward sustainability.

About 2041 Foundation

The 2041 Foundation was established by polar pioneer and environmentalist Robert Swan, OBE (Order of the British Empire). The organization is dedicated to the preservation of the polar regions and engages businesses and communities on climate science, personal leadership, and the promotion of sustainable practices.


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