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One-third of all providers are looking at the adoption of AI for medical imaging to help accelerate the quality and depth of insights from imaging studies. The pace of AI development across the board is hampered by quality data sets that are without bias. We have developed a service to enable our clients to participate in this growth of AI.

Advocate AI helps you evaluate the impact an AI tool may have with specific insights to your patient population and allows participating sites in Advocate AI to generate new revenue from their data for machine learning and pharmaceutical development/trials.

We offer a full suite of enterprise imaging and analytics including infrastructure, managed services and consulting as part of our Nucleus for Unified Clinical Architecture.

Key Benefits

Offering Details

Improved data governance. Accessible, clean data that is accessible outside the primary applications which created it is crucial to AI adoption. Too often, software is written for diagnostic applications to speed up their performance, weakening the adherence to informatic standards (so crucial to data sharing). Advocate AI services explore the quality of the data and ensure that it is vendor-neutral.

Qualified evaluation on your patient population. Because there are multiple AI solutions that can address the same clinical problem, choosing the best matching AI to your clinical practice is what Advocate AI is all about. Create anonymized cohorts and execute candidate algorithms against your patient population. The result is the insight into how you should/could adopt the algorithms and tune their specificity/sensitivity to your needs.

New revenue source. Joining the data cooperative of NTT DATA allows each site privileged access to anonymized studies for machine learning and pharmaceutical trial evaluation. Advocate AI allows you to leverage our data curation services, and with your site permission, we convert access to data into revenue. Confidentiality and participation choice are the core principles we’ve used in over 20 years of managing clinical data.

If you’ve been asking…

  • How can my VNA extend beyond data protection to lower the cost of care delivery while improving outcomes?
  • How can I fully leverage advances in imaging analytics while reducing AI adoption costs?
  • How can I monetize my massive data stores in a no-cost, no-risk manner to subsidize increasing data management costs and return revenue to my organization?
  • How can my organization more fully engage in the move to data-driven healthcare?

We have answers. Start reimagining your image assets today.