Offering Details

Today’s consumers expect shopping for healthcare plans to be as easy as any other online buying experience. NTT DATA’s Individual Enrollment Marketplace is the platform that brings together everything your members need to seamlessly shop, compare, select, and enroll in a healthcare plan. With real-time tracking of what your members are doing on any device, you can personalize their shopping experience with the right products at the right time. Consumers can easily narrow down their plan options based on provider network, prescription drugs, expected utilization, and risk tolerance. Whether consumers want an ACA plan on-Exchange, a vision plan off-Exchange, or a life insurance plan from an alliance partner, they can now shop for it using one cart with one premium calculation. Online payment is flexible so you can give members the power of choice – one-time binder payments, automatic and recurring payments, or digital wallets. Discover why NTT DATA makes buying insurance just as enjoyable as any other shopping experience.

Everest Group named us the #2 Healthcare Service Provider in its 2017 Enterprise Initiatives and Service Provider Performance report. — March 2018

Key Benefits

Our Individual Enrollment Marketplace brings together everything your members need to seamlessly shop, compare, select and enroll in multiple plan types.

  • Consumer enjoy an engaging experience throughout the shopping journey  
  • Consumers quickly and easily narrow down the plans that best align with their needs  
  • Consumers see plans based on network, prescription drugs, expected use and risk tolerance.  
  • Physician lookup accesses provider directory and creates a preferred provider list by geo location  
  • Formulary lookup allows plan shoppers to view prescription medications covered under a plan   
  • Formulary lookup helps shoppers determine out-of-pocket prescription expenses   
  • Out-of-pocket calculator gathers critical inputs on their projected healthcare services   
  • Out of pocket calculator estimates the cost-sharing amounts against each plan   
  • Customers can shop for multiple products in the same cart (ACA, vision, life, etc.)  
  • Members can pay the first installment of the premium or set up recurring payments online

Make shopping for health plans as easy as any other online shopping experience with real-time tracking to personalize your members' shopping experience.