Offering Details

As health plans assess the market demands and the ever-changing regulatory and business requirements, leading insurance providers are taking the opportunity to redesign their business model to one of an outside-in value stream as opposed to the traditional inside-out. Deploying self-service for brokers is a valuable way to maintain relationships with customers and reduce call volumes. Functionality, such as a single platform for lead management,

quoting, enrollment set up and year-round plan management, helps health insurance brokers attract new clients and retain and grow current business. Our insurance broker platform helps you embark on a journey intended to bring valued customers to the forefront of business transformation. The time is now to implement best-in-class consumer technology that enables the realization of designing your business around a seamless and

rewarding broker, member, employer and provider experience. Carriers who are willing to invest in the broker channel have the potential to overcome trust barriers and win a new level of loyalty.

Everest Group named us the #2 Healthcare Service Provider in its 2017 Enterprise Initiatives and Service Provider Performance report. — March 2018

Everest Group named us a Leader in Healthcare Payer BPO in its Service Provider Landscape with Services PEAK Matrix™ Assessment for three years in a row – 2015, 2016, 2017

Key Benefits

NTT DATA’s Broker Connect platform is a multi-channel solution to streamline broker processes. Brokers can utilize the platform to run proposals and help clients manage the health insurance enrollment process and ongoing administration for their employees.

  • Support individual and group books of business 
  • Streamline processes to increase productivity 
  • Increase bottom-line results
  • Support multiple product lines
  • Increase customer acquisition and retention
  • Foster ongoing customer loyalty

Be every broker’s hero with streamlined processes, increased productivity and an improved bottom line.