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It is time to say goodbye to your mainframe. It’s provided many years of dedicated, reliable service but now it’s time for your organization to move on to a more dynamic, flexible, future-ready enterprise. Operating on a decades old mainframe puts your organization at risk for additional costs, resourcing challenges, reliability issues and security failures. Mainframes have outlived their usefulness and simply cannot keep up with the demands necessary for a modern digital government. Retiring an entrenched system requires careful planning and consideration because a mission critical mainframe must be kept operational as new systems are put into service.

Let us help you develop a comprehensive roadmap to modernization. Our transformation solutions carefully consider your existing enterprise and applications while embracing current and future technologies. We understand the nuances of migrating legacy systems to the cloud. We are one of only a handful of companies to achieve Mainframe Competency with AWS, we know that facilitating migration to the cloud will provide elasticity, security, flexibility and savings to your organization. Our experts provide a 360-degree view of your enterprise designed to maximize workloads, optimize infrastructure and reduce risk. We are ready to celebrate the retirement of your mainframe and welcome a future enterprise.

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The Time for Modernization Is Now

The American Rescue Plan means that you can harness the full potential of your business applications. You can ensure aging, costly legacy systems and applications are no longer barriers to innovation and delivering top-notch citizen services. When state, local or global modernization are your goals, NTT DATA’s reputation and expertise are unmatched.

Say Goodbye to Legacy Systems and Applications

The Technology Modernization Fund and the American Rescue Plan have allocated more than $1 billion for modernization projects. But even with this new funding available, many government organizations see challenges in adopting cloud, heightening security and transforming enterprise technology. Our e-book evaluates the risks and rewards of modernization—and provides you with new insights and solutions to the challenges unique to government.


Your Wingman for Modern IT

Through a partnership spanning nearly 20 years, the United States Air Force and NTT DATA modernized software development methods, re-platformed a complex proprietary system and pivoted a mission critical enterprise logistics platform to the USAF cloud.

Together, we accelerated platform modernization, transformed systems and eliminated legacy systems. Our technical leadership enabled seamless transition to a more effective modern solutions for the USAF. We stand ready to help you discover the full potential of your business applications through our proven


NTT DATA was named an AWS Partner Network Premier Consulting Partner. – January 2021

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