Offering Details

Our services include design thinking and prototyping, helping clients identify opportunities to use next-generation technologies to design business processes and models that effectively leverage the new groundbreaking systems of intelligence. We can also leverage Intelligent RPA to improve operational efficiencies and employ conversational AI to deliver better customer relationships at a lower cost. We’ll help you identify IT and business processes ready for automation, deploy and maintain automation, and can even develop and deploy chatbots using CoPilot and Conversational AI. Our industry innovation kits speed implementation by analyzing use cases and optimizing processes by identifying and implementing innovation kits focused on IOT, Machine learning, Blockchain and Analytics technologies. Our intelligent enterprise roadmap development and implementation services identify ways to improve your business models and business through leveraging Intelligent Enterprise technologies, solutions and industry innovation kits and developing an Intelligent Enterprise roadmap in approximately two to three weeks and implementation in as little as 10 to 12 weeks.

We are one of only a few companies chosen for the SAP Leonardo Intelligent Enterprise Partner Medallion Initiative to develop new and innovative solutions.

Key Benefits

We have the deep expertise needed to develop and provide industry-specific, cutting-edge intelligent technology solutions to streamline your business processes and models, reduce costs, and discover new revenue streams.

  • Part of the SAP Leonardo Medallion partner initiative
  • Dedicated Digital Experience Center to demonstrate our Leonardo technologies to clients
  • 12 SAP Leonardo accelerators and more than 100 use cases
  • More than 22 industry solutions and extensive use case library with more than 60 rapid deployment solutions
  • Strong robotics process automation practice 
  • Deep capabilities in intelligent process automation
  • Extensive blockchain experience across platforms 
  • Extensive experience rolling out global solutions

Art meets technology and AI meets innovation with SAP Leonardo. Let our expert SAP services help you foster transformation.

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