Offering Details

We have helped multiple clients dramatically transform their go-to-market processes, customer interactions and customer experience. Our advisory services provide guidance on how improvements can be made with technology, resulting in a positive impact on business outcomes. With NTT DATA as your partner, you’ll gain the competitive benefits and be assured of consistent results across all SAP packages including C4/HANA as well as integration of these with an ERP system such as S/4HANA to ensure seamless integration between front office and back office applications. NTT DATA has the deep industry, process and platform knowledge essential to a rapid, successful deployment. We can provide rollout services to expand geographically or addition of product lines. We can also leverage our extensive cloud hosting services to provide a flexible environment to support the customer facing applications and platforms to ensure scalability as customer’s demands grow. Our strong project management capabilities, plus the expertise of our global solution experts, make us well qualified to manage any size end-to-end implementation. One of the additional ways we help our customers transform their customer experience is through our Customer Friction Factor Assessment service. Our proprietary service identifies the source and extent of your customer's friction and then creates a business and technology roadmap for improvement. You quickly see how your challenges compare to the industry standard and get actionable steps to improve your customer service with quantifiable value to your business.

Key Benefits

Our close collaboration and joint innovations with SAP, along with our business-process know-how and unmatched commitment to improving your customer experience, ensure your business benefits.

  • Rapidly deploy SAP solutions for a more agile ecommerce platform
  • Enable presence on the next-generation e-commerce platform
  • React faster to changes in your industry and the global marketplace
  • Personalize your business to effectively target site visitors and customers
  • Enable seamless collaboration between partners and your organization
  • Ensure harmonized customer experience across multi-channels
  • Achieve true understanding of your customer’s needs a 360 view of interactions
  • Simplify customer interactions through all channels and enable omni-channel presence  
  • See customer points of friction with our Customer Friction Factor service

Don't leave customers frustrated. Our Customer Friction Factor service helps to deliver the best in customer experience.