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Our SAP Guided Analytics 2.0 is a strategic methodology to build analytics which drive revenue, reduce expenses and increase profitability. The intelligent analytics foundation can easily be extended for the SAP Business Suite, SAP Digital Core (S/4 HANA) and other business applications built on HANA Platform. Focused on executive level strategy, our solutions help you prepare for your next phase of growth and support business intelligence, SAP analytics on cloud, enterprise planning, and predictive analytics. Our pre-packaged analytics solution for major industry verticals enables you to maximize your profits through strategic KPI alignment with long term goals. By combining strategic initiatives with tactical requirements and a focus on ease of use and ease of interpretation, our Guided Analytics 2.0 solution is the go-to mechanism to capture the advantages of business intelligence. The solution is based on proven best practices gleaned from thousands of industry implementations and supports all SAP Analytics product suite such as SAP Business Objects, SAP BW, SAP HANA, SAP Analytics on Cloud, and SAP S/4 HANA CDS views.

We are an SAP Global Platinum partner, Cloud Partner, AMS partner and Hosting partner.

Key Benefits

Our SAP Analytics consulting services and proprietary solutions help clients redefine their approach to reporting to take full advantage of the possibilities being offered by the intelligent enterprise.

  • Easily leverage cutting-edge reporting metrics to operate more profitably and outpace competition
  • Achieve greater visibility across complex functional areas
  • Better satisfy evolving customer needs and expectations
  • Easy to use, scale, and interpret
  • Enable better executive level decision making with an evolved reporting strategy
  • Reduce operational costs with better visibility 
  • SAP Global Platinum partner with more than 29 years of experience
  • Pre-packaged offerings to accelerate implementation

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