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Cutting-Edge Modern Oracle Solutions to Improve Organization Performance

In today’s competitive economy, successfully navigating your organization’s digital transformation is mission critical. The journey isn’t just about adopting the correct technology for your needs; it includes adopting right business processes and hundreds of other key business decisions unique to your organization. Are you wondering where to turn on your journey to the Oracle Cloud? We are a global Oracle partner with more than two decades of Oracle experience. We have specialized skills and experience in implementation and management of Oracle ERP Cloud and SCM Cloud.

We can provide a clear roadmap to set you on the right path in your Oracle journey and help you with cloud implementation and ongoing management services. You will have the access to modern business processes fine-tuned to specific industry and array of accelerators and tools for efficient implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud and SCM Cloud. Our global team of over 3000 Oracle professionals spread over 25 countries can help you get the most out of your ERP investment. See how we’re different.

NTT DATA is an “Oracle Excellence” award winner.

Key Benefits

NTT DATA can help customers transform their business processes through the successful implementation of ERP cloud and SCM cloud.

Offering Details

As global Oracle partner, we are uniquely qualified to provide cloud transformation services to achieve your business objectives. We can develop your digital transformation roadmap, design global processes, implement best modern practices and enable your applications for future growth. We have created an extensive library of proprietary Oracle Cloud implementation tools and accelerators for higher efficiencies, shorter implementation cycles, quicker time-to-value and

a lower total cost of ownership. Our proven implementation methodologies and easy-to-use templates have been proven on multiple projects for repeatable success. Our implementation team is supported by a strong governance model to control scope, schedule and budget and to provide a mechanism to mitigate risk early and throughout the project. Our pre-built and widely used reports help to jump start report development. We leverage pre-built accelerators

for conversion and integration needs. We combine our deep expertise and industry best practices with over 20 years of experience in the Oracle ecosystem to provide you with the best solution that allows you to drive business-process efficiency and accelerate your business transformation. Thanks to our global network of more than 3,000 Oracle resources across 25 delivery centers, we can offer reduced cost of implementation based on our robust multi-shore staffing model.

Oracle ERP Cloud & SCM Cloud